I have a kindlefire HD... can I also get an ipad mini?

I love my kindle fire. I’m on it right now.

But yesterday a friend let me fondle his new iPad mini and the seed of electronics lust was planted. I went to the Apple store to touch it some more, and fortunately there were a zillion people in line, or I might have taken one home.

He said the iPad is very fast for watching movies and such, but isn’t that a function of your connection and browser, not so much the device? We both have clear.com.

I’m thinking it does everything the kindle does and more, including function as a kindle.

I want one.

There are things the Kindle Fire can do that an iPad can’t, like run Android apps and play Kindle games. There are things an iPad can do that a Kindle Fire can’t (like run IOS games and apps). There are things that both devices can do.

The good news is they’re both grownups. Neither one will get mad at you for being friends with the other too.

The iPad Mini will I believe have a noticeably faster processor than a Kindle Fire (though I’ve never used the latter), so starting and switching apps will be somewhat snappier. But if that’s all you’re after, you could also look at a Nexus 7 which is arguably superior to the Mini and costs less to boot. Unless the point of the exercise is to get an iOS device because you want to run iOS apps, in which case you shouldn’t get a Nexus. iPad Mini is really overpriced for what it is, though - spec-wise it’s an iPad 2 that’s been stuck in the dryer and shrunk down a bit.

The Kindle Fire HD has a 1.2ghz processor and the Ipad Mini has a 1.0ghz processor. Of course processor isn’t the only thing that impacts speed. The Fire also has a better screen.

Here is a really good comparison of everything:

I guess it all depends on what is important to you, but the Fire HD is certainly better hardware for less money.

I think the Ipad mini looks better, and it has a model that comes with 3G, but is otherwise inferior IMO.

Stuff from the Amazon store is also cheaper.

I get that stuff from the Amazon store is cheaper than stuff from the iTunes store, but how is that really a selling point? You can still just buy stuff from the Amazon store on your iPad, right? I get pretty much all my media from Amazon and use it on my Macbook Pro - why would that be a problem on an iPad?

Sure you “can”. If you have the money, go ahead. But the uses for both overlap so much I doubt you’ll find a use for both, so if you’re wondering if it’s worth it, be very sure when you’re going to use either first.

Thanks for this excellent, informative link! My gadget lust has abated.

The information in there seems valid.

But if informative Web pages are going to look like that from now on, I might be in the market for a printed copy of Encyclopaedia Britannica.