I have a list of things I will look up......in case I ever get transported to the future

In the off chance that I somehow get transported to the future, or cryogenically frozen and reawaken at a later period, I have already a prepared list of things that I want to look up. Do any of you have this? Because you’re going into the future and this isn’t some attempt to influence your past or anything, the typical things like lottery numbers are useless. Who knows if we’ll even have a lottery in the future?

Most of my list is small, personal things that I’d be curious about. How a sports team turned out, what new movies were made, that stuff. I kept them pretty general because I don’t know how far into the future I will jump, if this was only a few years, or the space ants are ruling mankind already. I suppose if the latter happened, it would be pretty hard to get information on anything else except sugar production rates.

Of course I’d be curious about new technologies, how close we are to Star Trek now, and things like that. That’s not what I’m talking about in this topic. I assume they’ll download that information into my brain because everyone’s doing that in the future and its much easier and efficient to do that instead of sitting in a classroom reading the stuff. I want information that I cared about back in the past, things I was looking forward to and never got to experience as they happened.

Anyway, these are the things I’d look up:

-Familial history
-How many episodes the Simpsons ended up with (or if its still going)
-The list of NBA championships from the year of my leaving the past to the present
-Cool movies I was looking forward to, superhero stuff like Avengers 2 and how did The Hobbit turn out?
-I’d read all the Naruto manga chapters from the 585 to whatever it ended up with
-If they ever found a way to move faster than light
-Any moon colonies yet?
-How many people live in LA now and if its still the 2nd most populous city in the US (if it exists) next to NY
-Did Taiwan and China ever unify? What of North Korea?
-I’d want to play all the StarCraft games from 2’s Wings of Liberty onward
-Also, how many Final Fantasies did they end up making, including spinoffs?
-What consoles came after PS3, Wii, and XBOX 360?
-Tallest building in the world now
-Did they ever resolve the whole Israel/Palestine thing?
-Did Iran really have a nuke after they were denying it all this time?
-US Presidents after Obama
-When did Queen Elizabeth die? What was the reaction?
-Did they ever make a real version of Star Control 3?
-How close do robots look like people now? Still creepy?
-What’s the internet like nowadays?
-Please tell me they waited a LONG time before trying to make a successor to Blu-Ray
-Did they ever make more Star Trek series?
-What was the reaction to each of the deaths of the 5 Star Trek captains?
-What new wars happened while I was gone?
-Did LA finally get “the big one” earthquake and were we prepared?
-People can’t still be suffering from autism, Alzheimers, AIDS, and cancer now, right?
-Flying cars
-Percentage of atheists in the US
-Does the Straight Dope still exist? :smiley:
-How many people in the world?

I’m sure there’s more, but these are some of the immediate things that I’d be wondering about as I’m toiling in the underground sugar mines

Ones not already covered in you post:

  1. Do people still give a **** about the Titanic, and did the movie ever get a sequel?

  2. What do modern(i.e. the time I am transported to) historians think about contemporary(My time) music/movies/culture? For instance: Do people still think Dubbya was a sucky president, or has history(deservingly or not) been more kind to him?

  3. Has the government finally made official zombie plans, and have they had to use them?

Hey, I like that, checking up on historical perspectives. I’ve been curious if today’s movie stars will be seen in the future as part of another Hollywood Golden Age. We’ve certainly got a lot of media now, and probably more in the future. But does Meryl Streep compare to Katherine Hepburn, or George Clooney to Cary Grant?

Another one: What’s Cuba like after the Castro brothers died? Slow transition to democracy or ruled by successive strongmen?