Would you go into the future

Ok- you have an opportunity somehow to go 3000 years into the future, no going back. For some reason you have one minute to decide if you will, or you can never go. Let’s say you do get to say goodbye to loved ones so don’t factor that in to your reasoning. Who here would do it? Keep in mind the all the risks, for instance, there is no guarantee there’s anyone left, you could arrive to discover the temperature is 400 degrees and you get cooked alive. (Assume, however, there is no risk of popping out into a bustling future world, but right in front of a supersonic hovercraft)

For that matter, would you do it if it was 100,000 years? a million? do you have a limit?

Oh Hells no. No guarantee at ALL that I will be safe/there will be people? And no going back? I might do it if there was like a one minute window upon arriving for me to decide if i want to go back. That’s enough time to at least make sure the world isn’t deadly (though if it’s a methane atmosphere or 400 degrees I think even a minute would be too much…)

Ok ok, you arrive in a spacesuit. you have 10 seconds to see if there is civilization to abort.

No thanks, I like my life here and now.

In college I asked my friend Aaron this same question. He replied, “If the gate is open, I’ll go through.” I thought that was how I felt too. (Actually, Aaron qualified his response by prefacing with “If I had enough green* and…”)

Now, even with the chance to say goodbye to those I love, I would not go. It’s one of my primary illusions that the future holds some type of happiness that I don’t have here. I would not go, because I have everything I need at this moment.

  • at our college green = marijuana

Nah. All my stuff is here.

I’d do it.

Do I get to travel into the future and another planet? Because eventually the sun will go red giant and the earth will be a tad warm or encompassed by the sun so I would go as far into the future as several years before that so about 5 billion give or take.

If I can go to another planet and that planet will be around when the universe is about to “cease to be”, for lack of a better term, then I’d be willing to go there and that far into the future.

Shit, that’s already how I got here. Sure, the medicine and technology is nice, but I wouldn’t do it again.

For me, I’m really not sure- the main attraction isn’t seeking better things or some kind of missing happiness as it is to find out the answers to so many questions that we’ll never know the answer to in our lifetime. I think, being in my 30’s now, I’d say no but if I make it to my 50’s and had the chance then, and if we haven’t unlocked some pandoras box of knowledge yet, I’d do it.

Nah, I’ve got a pretty good thing going on in the here and now.

I would but not that far into the future. Everything would probably be too wierd and alien 3000 years from now. 300 on the other hand at least gives me the chance of living in that future society (assuming there even is one).

Absolutely. Y’know how some people agonize when they really grok that they’re going to die someday? I’ve been like that ever since I really realized that I’m never going to know how stuff turns out. I’m never going to know if minorities ever achieve real equality, or if global warming is really just cycles in the Earth’s temperature variation. I’ll never really know for sure if democracy is the best form of government, or if flying cars can be made practical. And that SUCKS! Of course, there will be a whole bunch of new things I can not know, but I’d love that small chance of finding out just a few of the answers to the big questions of our time.

Plus, if people have wiped themselves out, chances are far greater that the planet would have recovered itself than it turned into an inhabitable place.

Nope. I am just imagining what someone from 1708 would think if they suddenly popped up in the middle of Times Square and how they would be percieved by the people around them and that is enough to make me not want to be that person. The stress of not knowing where to go for food or shelter and being immediately suspect to the people around you would be enough to keep my butt firmly planted on my couch, TYVM.

However, if I were given the option of getting all 52 weekly papers from the year 2308 so that I could learn all about that time I would take that in a heartbeat.

I’d love to do it, but I have too many loose ends here to tie up. I’d have to get things set up so my family was taken care of. If my SO could go with me and I had a year to prepare, I’d say yes.

On the other hand, if I had ten seconds to abort I’d simply go and abort.

3000 years into the future? Definitely not. People wouldn’t even speak the same language. Technology changes but human nature does not. You would be treated as a freak at best, shunned and killed at worst. If I was a young child I would go, but the chance of successfully adjusting and integrating as an adult is very very slim.

Now, 300 years? That’s a different story. While it would still be a huge culture shock, barring a nuclear war that wipes out all modern civilization, you would probably be able to adjust. There’s still a lot of unknowns, but I reckon it would be orders of magnitude easier than 3000 years. I’m pulling numbers out of my ass, but I’d say anything over 1000 years is not worth the risk.

Would I go though? I’m honestly not sure. I think if a magic portal opened up in front of me, I would go in. I’m pretty impulsive and curious. I would not do it premeditatively though. I have a pretty good life going on here, and besides I owe my parents a lot… it would be wrong for me to ditch them.

More to the point, going forward only 300 years I’d have few marketable skills (I’m optimistic about the future of humanity). Going forward 3000 years might well be interesting, but over 50,000 years in the future and I’d expect evolution to have made significant changes.

Do I have to wear those silver jumpsuits?

Will there be decapodians and news monsters?

Yes, but you also get to wear those cool black boots.

History teacher

Not me no.

Now I’m thinking about that Star Trek movie where the whale lady went back to Kirk’s time to hang out with the humpbacks. Seemed like an OK deal in the movie. So, if I knew I’d have a job and that the future wouldn’t suck, and if I wasn’t serious about someone else at the moment, I might do it.