I have a metric ton of cooked elbow pasta

What do you have for a breakfast meal using up the cooked elbows? I thinking with eggs, peppers, onions, cheese, bacon. I’m just going to sub the pasta for potatoes/rice.

Any specific recipes?

I don’t have something that is specifically for breakfast, but my mother passed down a kick-ass mac & cheese casserole recipe. It is so damn good, that you will NEVER eat the stuff out of a box again. And it’s not that hard.

All you need is an onion, diced, and about 4 tomatoes, salted and peeled, also diced-- Roma are the best, but you can use any mkind as long as they are pretty flavorful. Just a can of diced tomatoes works too.

Grate sharp Cheddar, and some kind of white cheese, like Monterey Jack, about 2:1. If you have young kids, add a little American cheese. It makes slightly different in taste, and kids seem to like it better.

Sautee the onion with anything that you have on hand-- butter, olive oil, doesn’t matter.

Then get a casserole dish, and layer. Start with just some tomato juice, then a layer of macaroni, then onion, cheese, more tomato, etc. Try to end with some tomato on top as well. Or cheese on top.

Cover, and bake for 45 minutes at 250’F, then remove, uncover, and let sit for 15 minutes.

You could eat it for breakfast if you wanted.

Wow. Now I want some. Stupid Passover.

Mix it with half a metric ton of canned chili.

You could make a pasta frittata, sort of a baked omelet. Adjust the ingredients based on what you have and want to use.


Fake a shakshuka. Put the elbows in a baking dish with a can of chopped tomatoes and some spices. Make a few indentations for the eggs. Bake until the eggs are as done as you like them. Serve.

That would be my suggestion, as well.

The Mimi’s Cafe restaurants, when I first encountered them, had a breakfast item called “Pasta Mamma.” Basically just buttered spaghetti with scrambled eggs (lots of Parmesan cheese). Don’t see why elbow mac couldn’t stand in for the bisghetti.

Incidentally, if you’re not doing anything later, could you share the circumstances that found you with a “metric ton” of cooked elbow macaroni at 2:30 on a Sunday morning?

Sounds like what my mom used to make us to stretch a pound of ground beef for six people. We called it barfaroni.

Is that not a “tonne”?


For breakfast I eat, if I have any, cold buttered pasta, or, if I only have cold pasta, I’ll warm it and butter it.

I also eat bread n butter, and, although not particularly for breakfast, bread without butter, and potato w and w/o butter. Does that make me an outlier? In any case, I eat cold buttered pasta for breakfast when I’ve got it.

Used the recipe. Worked great. Substituted almond milk for the half and half; threw in a leftover potato/onion/pepper handful. Next time I’ll add some salsa or Rotel to the mix for some additional spice. Mushrooms, olives, chopped bacon/meat would work too.

Too easy, heat the pasta on stove while cracking/scrambling eggs and the oven heats. Mix in the eggs and shake to mix into the pasta. Add tomatoes and cheese. Pop in oven. Done.

Pictures [if this works] https://steven-smith2.imgbb.com/


Why so much pasta? Also Pacific time and posting after cleanup.

Some of the church ladies organized a cooking melee for those less fortunate. Turns out cooking at home or at the church kitchen in these times then supplying through the church is a no-no [lawyers liability and stuff].:frowning:

Things were reorganized as dry goods packages so the various participants had to eat the cooked contributions. LOTS of leftovers.

How many ‘Fuck Loads’ is that?

Delivered 15 gallon bags of cooked elbows to our family (son, daughter, 2 grandsons, 2 great grandchildren, cousins next door. That was most of our small share that was cooked up at the church. Still have lots in the house. I’m set for the week.