I have a miniature UN of Flags in my bedroom...

And I’m adding more today. They hang from the wall. I already have Croatia, Greece, Mexico, The UK, and the Republic of Ireland. As I said, I’m buying more today. What should I buy?

I may get Spain or Italy, or possibly France, endless possibilities!

Oh, I forgot, I have the state of West Virginia too, but that’s not in my UN.

I have about 25 flags, ranging from my hometown and county flag to US states, current and no-longer-extant foreign countries, and even a Soviet naval high command flag.

Vexiphilia rules.

Yes it does.

Nepal. That’s a cool flag.

Or you could specialize in flags of controversial countries / noncountries like Chechnya, Basque Country, Tibet, and the like. :slight_smile:


Now the Ikurriña (Basque flag) would look EXCELLENT right next to the Union Flag. :slight_smile:

When I was six years old, I got to visit the United Nations headquarters when my family went to visit my mother’s parents at their Manhattan apartment. For my souvenir, I bought a box which contained miniature paper flags of all then-current UN members, plus the flag of the organization itself. For my sister (who was too young to go on the tour), I picked out a book which depicted and briefly described each of the flags.

I ended up getting more use out of that little paperback than she did, and ended up “permanently borrowing” the book. Both souvenirs are still around after over forty years, although the flags are still in my old bedroom at my parents’ house in Ohio. I should bring them back to Indiana the next time I have occasion to “go back home”.

Oh, I bought the flags. I got the US, France, and Italy. I was going to get Spain but they didn’t have it.

I am in the process of designing my own flag, and hope to have it flying on my birthday, right next to the flag of the US Marine Corps, with which I share a birthday.

I think you should start a sub-collection of former Eastern Bloc countries:

East and West Germany

I have the East German flag, but isn’t the west German flag still being used as the plain ol’ German flag now? Also, W. Germany was hardly Eastern Block. I should see aobut getting some of those fromer Balkan Flags though.