I have a new name!

I decided it was about time for a change, so here’s my first post under my new user name!

Goodbye, Mayflower, hello, Chanteuse!

I never liked that Mayflower, anyways. But what comes next? June…?

Twirl around so I can get a good look.

Yes, it looks good on you.

Here in the Indianapolis area, we say, “April showers brings May flowers, Mayflowers bring the Colts.” Chanteuse brings, uh, songs?

To you Baltimore area folks, preparing to throw brickbats, “Get over it. Bob Irsay’s dead.”

Chanteuse, nice…isn’t that that yellow-green color?


So, Chanteuse, what type of music do you like to sing?

I thought it was a fancy French mushroom?

How does one go about changing their name?

Thanks, hillbilly queen! Feels good, too!

Cunctator, I like to sing lots of stuff, but I don’t think the Ed Sullivan show will be calling me anytime soon! :wink: Hey, I’m not too bad, though!

Tiramisu, email an administrator and they’ll help you out!