I have a new tart pan. What should I bake in it?

What are some of your favorites? Keep in mind that it’s January, so berries and custard are probably out until Summer. I’m interested in both sweet and savory. Some things that come to mind are some sort of leek and cheese dish, and also maybe just a straight up chocolate tart, although that seems a little boring.

I would do a big fat flan.

Ummmm, flaaaan…

I vote for baking a tart in your new tart pan. Pics or it didn’t happen!



And there we have it. I pretty much just made a quiche using some sort of “savory tart dough”. I usually make it in a pie tin with pie dough. It was ok.

Tarte au citron. Then send me a piece.

Mmm…tarte au citron…

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Get the Chocolate Walnut Caramel tart recipe.
Make it (OK, this is about four steps, but worth it).
Eat it.
Wonder how long before you can make it again.

The ultimate quiche.

Heat oven to 375F.

Line with very short pastry, with overlap folded over the top, puncture the base with a fork and blind bake for 10 mins. Remove the baking beans, allow to cool, cut off the excess pastry at the top, eggwash the base and seal the fork holes. Bake again for 10 mins until brown.

Wilt 4 sprigs of swiss chard in nutmegged butter. Drain and place them in the tart base. Grate 8oz of gruyere cheese and sprinkle over the chard.

Beat together 2 eggs, 5 fl oz thick cream, 5 fl oz milk, 1 pinch each nutmeg, salt and pepper, 2 tbsps truffle paste. Pour into the tarte base. Bake, rotating once, until the top is completely brown ~25 minutes. Cover with grated parmesan and broil for 3 minutes.

Eat it and weep tears of joy.

I read the subject line as “I have a new tan part” and I was wondering how this happened…

Tarte Tatin - the most delicious dessert on earth!

I made this. It was good! Maybe not the best choice for a beginner, but it turned out fine despite a number of screwups on my part. I do like the trick of freezing the rolled dough to get it in the pan in one piece; tart dough is a lot more brittle than pie dough.

I could have used a thicker ganache layer, and given the intense sweetness of the caramel and crust, one could probably get away with bittersweet chocolate in the ganache instead of semisweet.

I initially served it chilled, but I later had a room temp piece and that was better. Very nice with a huge glass of milk.

Apparently the newest tart is Miley Cyrus.