I have a nice shiny gift membership up for grabs

Quasi isn’t around as much these days so I thought I would do a fill in.

reply if you are interested.

Bribes accepted*

as are cute bunny pictures.

Amusingly shaped vegetables are not to be sniffed at either.

all decisions may be random and arbitrary. Or not.

  • only if they are in excess of US$14 or an equivalent weight of chocolate

Crikey! (And I don’t say that lightly.) I just re-upped on my own, prior to seeing this thread.

I also accept free t-shirts, if they are from a not-for-profit organization. :wink:

I ain’t no walkin’ billboard!!!

What the hell…I’m in


I have pics of my own bun. She died a year ago and was the best bun ever. We have a 19 lb dog and the 3 lb rabbit was the boss of him. :slight_smile:

The B.
She demanded scritches. She’d wait by your foot and if you ignored her, she’d headbutt your ankle. :smiley:

I woke up one morning to this in my face.

That is a very nice thing to do. My daughter just had identical twin boys (my first Grandbabies). They were born 12 weeks early, but are very healthy. A gift membership would help, since all of my money is going toward buying the necessary things for the babies. :slight_smile:

I never win anything. Wanna change that?

The giftee will be notified Feb 28

I plan to do more of these as long as time, health and finances being in a fit state

Hey, madrabbitwoman, if you want to award two prizes I’ll foot the bill for one of them.


Hey **zweisamkeit **- for some reason I cant get the pics to work and I really want to see them - maybe a link to flikr or something.


It tells my computer that is a download and evidently **zweisamkeit ** used tapatalk when posting it. I downloaded the last one and it looks like the back of a furry brown rabbit.

Yeah, I downloaded and renamed the files to add a .jpg extension so my computer would understand what to open them with. Cute.

Dangit, Tapatalk!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: I’ll repost direct links in a little bit. Sorry about that. :frowning:

And yes, the last picture is a bunny butt, although she was more of an off-white with a darker lil tail underside. Since I charge my phone on my nightstand, I was able to take a pic. I literally opened my eyes and BOOM, she’s sitting on my chest, bunny butt right in view. :smiley:

Oh, I also blame Tapatalk for the absolutely bizarre number of line breaks between each paragraph. They said their next app update will improve VB code parsing and that had better include those line breaks. Seriously, I only hit

enter 2 times between paragraphs, which is one blank line and then the next paragraph for everyone except Tapatalk. :rolleyes:

But now, the pictures!

This is Shion, also known as the B.

She liked scritchins.

The infamous Buns Gone Wild butt shot! :smiley:

Some bonus shots to make up for the earlier cock-up:
In the summer, she liked chilling under the TV stand.

This is from an impromptu photoshoot on top of my pillow. In the morning, she’d hop up onto the bed and onto my pillow and nudge my head. If I was so thoughtlessly rude as to not wake up, she’d start nibbling my hair, which would turn into a tug! Never did this to my husband! Oh well. She also licked my pillow.

And here she is as a rabbit Sphynx.

Man, I miss the B. :frowning:

I find bunnies are remarkably like cats in some respects :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the generous gift, madrabbitwoman. The generous support of the community is always beautiful to see.

Hey don’t forget kayT has jumped on the bandwagon too now :slight_smile:

So, where are our candidates for those free memberships? Seems like not too many folks are expressing interest. So maybe we need to keep bumping this thread.