I have a personal GOAL!

I want to die broke!

I’m not the most goal-oriented fellow around :rolleyes: nor have I been cared much about my longterm survival. However, this will require forethought, planning, and taking care of myself so I will live long enough to make it happen.

I just wish I could do it in the same direction as MC Hammer or my sorta-neighbor, Leon Spinks.Losing money is so much easier and fun than making it. But if I keep my nose to the grindstone and scrimp and save I think in about fifteen years I will be able to die in peace.

I sympathize with you…

and if you need any help while going downhill, just let me know:))

Best of luck in your uphill path for the time being:)

Clearly, what’s called for is instant, fickle friends who will abandon you the moment the money runs out. That way you don’t leave anyone behind to despair at your loss.

I don’t need help SPENDING money I don’t HAVE. My goal is to fill in this hole I’m in. Being broke would be an IMPROVEMENT to my financial situation.

So your fickle friends abandon you even before you meet them?

I think that’s a new record.

Would it help if we all sent a quarter?

Let’s see…

25 cents x 10000 dopers…


$2500 for ol’ dropzone!

Sheesh, I no sooner get something to live for and JC tries to speed the process to get rid of me sooner.

I’m I reading this right? Do you need to make a bunch of money to just make it to broke?

I prefer to think of it as “in hock up to my ears, in the Suburban American tradition.”

You could also follow that other good ole American tradition and file bankruptcy. Then you could leave whatever you have left to the home for Unwed But Repentant Red-Headed Mothers, or some such.

Hmmm I remember hearing on the radio about some people that put up their needs/personal stories/just plain asking for money - via personal website. That seems to work for some. Rumor has it that a man took his kids to disneyworld due to donations. Another website www.sendmeadollar.com has a goal to make almost $5000…I recommend you work off of people’s emotions to gain your profit :slight_smile:

Tack-ee! I’m not asking for money. I’m not (quite) self-destructive enough to WANT to die sooner. I’m just announcing that, for the first time in my life, I have a goal that will require more than ten minutes to reach. Sheesh!

Much like my curse-removal service website I discussed a few months back. It’s tacky to beg, but to provide a service… :wink:

Sheesh yourself!

I read the OP and thought “Oh Ho! At last something I can do to help my buddy dropzone! I can help him die broke, he can send me many plane tickets to many dopefests! That way we can BOTH die happy!”

Sigh Alas, I must have been practicing wishful reading.



(just because I feel like it)


Were it possible, but, alas, you have to come up with the airfare yourself.


Because I felt like it, too!

They say that a rising tide raises all boats, but you could never tell based on real estate prices in my working-class suburb. Despite living in what is supposed to be the second richest county in the country, thanks to Naperville, Glen Ellyn, and Oakbrook, Illinois, my town was always a spoiler keeping Orange County, CA, in the lead. Real estate didn’t keep pace with the rest of the county. But that seems to have changed!

No, I’m not making any more money, but my house was just appraised at slightly less than half again what it was worth a couple years ago! Sheesh, I was nervous when I applied for a home-equity loan a month after this thread first ran. I put in for enough to pay off most of the other debt, but to do so meant that I would have to take out such a large percentage of what I thought the joint was worth that I would both get reamed on the interest rate and would be stuck in the dump because there wouldn’t be anything left for a down payment if I sold it.

Wife said, “Look at these ads! They are asking more for that old farmhouse on Maple than what you think ours is worth! And here’s another just like ours that has an asking price MUCH larger!” So I went for it.

Yeah, the bank almost got its own flame thread because they took three months processing the loan. But all’s well that ends well, and rates went down in the interim. And the (preposterous) appraisal got made. And I will be able to pay off most of my stupid debts. And have enough equity left that I could sell the dump, pay off everything else, and still have enough left over for a down payment or a (cheap) doublewide. I have reached equilibrium and am “officially broke.” Hell, a bit BETTER than broke!

No, if you are less fortunate than I please don’t take this as rubbing your nose in my “success.” Remember that I am probably much older than you. I’ve been through all the crap you’re going through–possibly in the past fortnight. It took a long gawddammed time to finally be able to reach the point where I can afford to die. You can, too. I hope you can do it quicker than me.