I have a PROBLEM! with this message board

I don’t know who all the ladies are here? It’s hard to decypher from the usernames and such.

Am I posting this in the wrong forum?

Well, you can start here.

So what, you trying to be player or something? Or is it that you’re afraid you might offend the fairer sex thinking them male? I’m just curious.

fathom.org has a Teeming Millions page with photos of most of the users. So look at the photos & if they appear to be women, then they probably are.

Checking in blouse. Yep female, definitely female.

BTW just what exactly did you do to piss these guys off? It seems they got together and decided on your fate 2 days before you even joined the board. :wink:


<— chick. Not a lady. :smiley:

I’m a guy, FWIW.

Some of the names are obvious. Some (like mine) are not.

All woman, baby.

My name gives it away, I am sure. But just in case, have a look!!

Chick (happily married.)

Definitly a chick!

For what it’s worth I’m a hermaphrodite.

Kinda thought so, SPOOFE. :wink:

Oh . . . and here’s a link to the Teeming Millions Profiles page that handy mentioned.


Most definitely male.

chick. rarely a lady.

Broad…in nearly every sense, heh. :wink:

hee hee chique!

I am a female, dear. Some confusion due to the Scott part of the username, I guess.


Sassy leans over the table, displaying some very impressive cleavage for a middle-aged dame

What was the question?

I’m a phallic vegetable.


I’ve got blonde hair that falls in a cascade to my waist, brilliant blue eyes, a nice figure, and tonight I’m wearing a tight black spandex micro-mini skirt with thong panties underneath. My blouse is unbuttoned far enough for you to see part of my wispy lace demi-bra, and as I’m typing I feel myself getting w-- Holy Cripes! This is SDMB! Sorry, thought I was somewhere else for a minute there…