I have a staghorn fern. Help me please.

Title says it all.

Just got this fern. I had one before and it dropped dead - I suspect from being over watered.

Please share your tips, tricks, secrets to a long lived, happy staghorn.

I have done a bit of research online - it appears that I’m supposed to tie it to a board (as opposed to plant it in a pot). Anyone have any suggestions for the best way to do this? Also, peat moss or other?

Please - regale me with your staghorn fern success stories so I feel good about not killing another.

Take it to Ferngully?

AKA ‘I have no clue but I’ll extend a bump for ya.’

The thing to remember about platyceriums is that they’re not terrestrial plants. They’re epiphytes…they grow in the places where tree branches meet the trunk, where organic material and water collect. That’s why the best bet is to mount it on a piece of bark…it’s hard to overwater one of them when there’s no real soil to hold the water around the roots.

What you basically need to do is tie sphagnum moss around the root ball, then tie the root ball/moss bundle to a piece of bark with fishing line or something like that (no copper wire!). Then hang the plaque up somewhere bright but not in direct sunlight. Water it once or twice a week in summer, once a week to every two weeks in cooler weather. Feed a good standard fertilizer once a month (if you use a dissolving fertilizer you can do this in conjunction with a watering). Over time, the sphagnum moss rootball will get covered with the flat sterile fronds, which will grasp the bark to keep it in place.

Shove it in a corner under some other ferns, neglect it and give it crappy soil - works for me!

Well, I’ve purchased a moss basket and a bunch of moss. One site on line suggested that if I stick it in there I will get fronds growing through the basket, which would be cool.

Here’s hoping.

I am terribly jealous. They are so prehistoric looking. I saw one once, but when I learned that the only way to keep one alive in the desert was to hang it in a bathroom that got used for hot showers at least 4 times a day…I gave up the idea of owning one.

No advice. Just letting you know that I’m jealous. :smiley:

I’ve got three staghorns that originally came from a huge ball (1m round) that someone had thrown out down a back lane. One is mounted on a board with a bit of sphagnum moss behind it, one is just ‘sitting’ in a half-circle hanging basket, and the other I mounted onto a slab of cordyline (I think) that you can buy at most plant nurseries.

They’re hanging under 90% coverage shadecloth and I give them a bit of a sprinkle with the hose a couple of times a week, but I ALSO take them down and soak the whole shebang in a tub of water every couple of weeks to make sure it’s decently saturated.

I tend not to use commercial fertilizers, but one tip from an old lady (thanks Essured’s mum) who was an absolute whizz with ferns was to put banana skins on the top…dunno what the active ‘ingredient’ is but it sure works. :slight_smile:

I’ve got no tips, except you should name it Foghorn Staghorn. Or perhaps Staghorn Leghorn…

Oooo - Staghorn Leghorn!!