Please help me with my fern.

I have a Boston Fern that’s looking a tad worse for the wear. I accidentally put it in a sunny window, which it really didn’t like. Bad Alice! Bad, Bad Alice!

So anyhow, I’ve since moved it to a nice, cool, shady corner, and put it in a pan of water so it’s being constantly exposed to moisture. (This is Calgary folks - it’s practically desert). Also, I’ve been fertilizing it regularly, and it seems to be perking up a bit.

Does anyone have any tips to help the poor guy along? I usually have a pretty green thumb, and I’d hate to have a casuality! :eek:

They like misting.

Use half of the fertilizer recommended until it shows full recovery.

Ok, so I’ll mist it (I actually already have a mister - from IKEA no less!)

And I’ll halve the fertilizer - is there a particular type I should try?

What about the dead stuff - I’ve mostly picked off the large leaves - should I just leave the rest, or do I have to get every last leaf?

A 10-10-10 fert at half the rate.

Dead leaves - get most…go back later and get more…don’t get obsessive.

How about a little mood music? :slight_smile: