I have a trailer!

For Enough, w/ Jennifer Lopez. A 35mm print.

I found it with a bunch of junk. Score!

Dunno what to do with it, though. Mount 4320 individual slides?

I guess in a pinch I can make a few wacky loops out of it for warehouse parties, if I can figure away to jury-rig them onto a 16mm projector.

Is this the right forum for Mundane, Pointless Stuff I Must Share related to the arts? Or does this question make it a poll?

Heh, not THAT big a deal. Anyone who’s ever worked in a movie theater probably has a dozen or so kicking around. Things I’ve done with them that went over big are: Xmas wreaths, gift bows & ribbon, party streamers & bookmarks. (I obviously worked for a movie theater for a LONG TIME and had a glut of trailers.)