I have a weird lunch box.

Whenever I bring my lunchbox to middle school (I’m in 8th grade), everyday after lunch our class walks back to the classroom, after we stop at the bathrooms. There, several people every day make fun of it because it looks like a purse (I am a male, and that’s why I am posting this), and I am getting SICK of them making fun of it! I need tips. Can anyone help?

Tell them it’s a European carryall.

Oh, simple. Change your gender identity.

Plus, it’s not a man purse, it’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one.

In the event that this post is not a work of fiction, yes I will help. Pick out a lunch box or insulated lunch bag that doesn’t look like a purse for $20 or less on Amazon (Prime eligible, please) and ask your favorite teacher to email me at my profile address from their school email account and I will buy it for you and ship it to them. Please update the thread after the email has been sent to remind me to check that account.

I will not respond to any emails that are not sent by an adult from an educational email domain. If your teacher’s identity can’t be confirmed by a google search, I will contact the school to verify identity and employment but will not disclose the reason for my inquiry (because that would be a really awkward conversation).

Good luck. We’re all counting on you.

What 8th grade class walks back together from lunch with a stop at the bathroom? By the time I was in 7th grade we all had varying schedules and were responsible for getting ourselves where we needed to be on time. Heck, by the time I was in 4th grade we weren’t moving from place to place in a big group.

I reuse the boxes for takeaway Thai food, and carry them to work in a plastic bag.

Our school (Catholic) was K-8 and we only had one class so we would still have moved in a pack throughout. The Catholic high school started with ninth grade and that’s when things changed.

IIRC, Indiana Jones used a British WWII gas mask bag (Screenshot).

Here’s a wild idea (almost as wild as bringing this issue to a bunch of strangers on an internet message board): ask your parents to get you a lunch container that won’t invite teasing.

chicken dinner

How about the rest of your school costume? A man could walk the halls with a pink ladies purse and not be bothered, nor would he take to heart any teasing about what he carried. However, if you look a little “wobbly”, pack mentality dictates that you are the butt of jokes and rude behavior and your reaction to the same will only intensify such behavior. In other words, start building your confidence and look like you mean business.

Next time someone gives you lip about your lunchbox, step towards them, look them straight in the eye, and say “Why do you give a single fuck about my lunch box?”.

Any answer they give, just keep replying, “No, why do you give a fuck about my lunch box?”

Once they start crying, you can walk away.

That’s what *she *said.

Oh baby!

I guess they don’t have those brown paper lunch sacks anymore, do they?

You are so last millennium.
Get yourself a 3D printer and design your own lunch box.

Fond memories. Thanks

Grab one of them by the balls, stick your other hand deep into their buttcrack, look them straight in the eyes and say, “Hey sexy, what are you doing later?” and then wink at them.

Which could still be described as a satchel, but more to the point, I was quoting a movie.

Is there a picture of this purse box? However the solution seems to either just replace the lunchbox or beat enough people up so that everyone is too scared to say anything about it.