I miss lunchboxes.

Remember when you had a huge selection of luchboxes, and each one came with it’s very own thermos? And you still had room for other stuff.

I’ve been on a quest this week, for something my son can carry his lunch in AND a drink container that fits inside. I found one of those insulated bag things. But I’m still questing for the drink container. It has to fit inside the bag because I’m already pushing it by expecting him to keep up with a lunch bag and a backpack. I found a short thermos for $14.99. :eek: Did I mention, I’m trying to save money with this taking lunch to school, thing? All the other containers look like they would leak if turned on their side, which is what it’ll have to do.

Speaking of lunchboxes, mine was “Holly Hobbie”

I had Peanuts lunchboxes that my dad eventually used to hold nails and screws. If I’d kept them in good shape and sold them on eBay, I could pay for a cruise to Mexico.

Did anybody else’s metal lunchbox smell kind of odd after a while? Like milk, metal, and the ghost of PB&J sanwiches.

Target had insulated bags last week, though I didn’t notice any that held a thermos. The one I bough holds a drink bottle on the outside. Pretty useless unless you enjoy drinks the same temp as spit.

Pete’s Dragon Lunchbox w Thermos

Anyone even remember that movie?

eBay. :smiley:

He has the head of a camel, the neck of a crocodile, and the ears of a COW!

One of my very favorite Disney movies ever, though I was a bit older than the target market.

My lunchbox was Emergency!

Thanks to this thread, I just bought a metal “Captain Astro” lunchbox for school this year. My kids are going to think I’m nuts! :smiley:

Domed lunchboxes were cool. Didn’t the thermos fit in the lid? IIRC, they didn’t make many girly lunchboxes in the domed style.

Remember the generic red plaid one? And how you felt kind of sorry for the kid who had to carry it. Or even worse, the solid black one.

I carry one of those big green Stanley (with the big green thermos on top). Been carrying the same one everyday to work for almost 20 years.

My lunchbox as a young’un? Rat Patrol

SQUEEEEE! Me too! Me too!!!

Mostly I was one of the hot-lunch kids, though, so I didn’t use it much. In 4th grade I got a kick-ass Return of the Jedi lunch box that I used all the way through grad school. :slight_smile:

When I googled “domed lunchbox”, one of the top hits was nostalgic candy, which seems to sell a whack of what look like new-but-retro lunchboxes that can be loaded with candy.

So there is a market for these babies outside of ebay if you don’t want to buy something that should be kept in a museum case. :smiley:

(And, for the record, my earliest memory is of a Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox)

I recall having a Peanuts & later a Fat Albert one.

I’ve recently seen a Bela Lugosi Dracula one at some cool-retro-toy store in L.A.- I don’t know the price. Oh yeah- and a Betty Page one!

I don’t think the latter would be school-appropriate tho she wasn’t nekkid.

I had a butter-yellow Cabbage Patch Kids lunchbox. They were the real dolls, posed as though they were playing tug of war over a big, blue “puddle”. On white sand.

My brother had a royal blue lunchbox, with Thundercats on it. Lion-O led the pack. He broke it and got a darker blue one, with Bravestar on it. (I barely remember the cartoon. I can hear the tune of the theme song in my head, and I remember he had ears of [the wolf?] eyes of [a hawk?] strength of [a bear?] speed of [a puma?] And my father was fond of saying, “Please, don’t squeeze the shaman.”)

My lunchbox used to get that funky smell after a while, too. Warm milk, plastic, yeasty bread, peanut butter, and a trace of butterscotch pudding.

I miss them, too. I want one.

Oh my GOD, I had the Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox too! It was metal, unlike the much-inferior plastic Princess of Power lunch box that replaced it, after it fell open and spilled my lunch all over the hallway. I was five. It was traumatic.

I wanted a Thundercats lunchbox. thunder, Thunder, THUNDERCATS, HO-OOOO!

I had a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea lunchbox and was an avid fan of the TV series. Didn’t see the movie until a few years later. With Barbara Eden walking around the Seaview in those three sizes too tight skirts and blouses and those stiletto %$@& me pumps. <wistful sigh> I wonder if my mom stil has that lunchbox.

I must have one of these. Does it have some Klassic Klaw photos on it? All the nude stuff Betty did was unofficial stuff for camera clubs not the stuff published by Klaw’s movie star news company.

This page has some lunchboxes, though none of the plastic ones I remember. They have some plastic ones, but they latch on top instead of on the front.

Check out the Last Supper Lunchbox. Make every lunch your last. Or this strange Geisha Girl Lunchbox. Read the description, you’ll see what I mean. :dubious:
And here’s metal Strawberry Shortcake one. Whee!

They also have a vintage section. Not bad. Most of the good ones are sold out. :frowning:

Ditto on the Rat Patrol lunchbox.

I can’t remember the early ones. But I remember having an “Empire Strikes Back” lunchbox. I only remember the one side with the snowtroopers in an action pose with a big tripod-mounted weapon. One of the antique stores near my office had a couple vintage ones. I remember the “Convoy” one up on the wall with all of it’s glorious trucker imagery.

I hear the lunchboxes of yesteryear are huge collectibles. Take a peek on E-bay to see if there’s a cool one your little dude can relate to. I have no idea what the cost of one of these little treasures is, but it would be worth a look!

Lunch boxes and Thermoses go together like… lunch boxes and Thermoses. But finding a Thermos can be pretty rough. (Or even a generic “thermos”.) Last year was the Great Thermos Hunt. We found a semi-good lunchbox for Soupo (A metal one? It is to laugh.) but he needed a thermos. (Those “bike bottle” drink bottles with the snap top you get with lunchboxes now? I hate those.)

We searched far and wide for a screw-top insulated thermos. Finally we found some at Meijer. (It’s like Wal-Mart, only not quite as evil. Or as ubiquitous. There might not be one in your neighborhood hillbilly queen.)

A couple years ago we found some hard plastic lunchboxes that actually came with real Thermos thermoses. They were, like, Scooby Doo and Bob the Builder designs. (Actually they were plain plastic and they had stickers on them.) These were also at Meijer.

Meijer seems to be the last bastion of Thermos.