I miss lunchboxes.

I had a Yellow Submarine lunchbox. I wonder what they’re going for these days.
A friend of mine recently bought a Ramones lunchbox, in metal. :cool:

A good Yellow Submarine can go for $100 or more. (Sold mine for around that).
I’m always checking out Ebay for an Emergency! lunch box, but can’t really justify the 50 bucks or so for one :frowning:

I remember having Get Smart and Laugh In.

Everybody remember the sound of the thermos, after you’ve dropped it?
Nice Martini-shaker sound, that signaled you killed it. :eek:

Was it the red one with the Ewoks on the front? 'Cause that’s the one I had.

Currently, I have a metal Star Trek:TOS lunchbox that I use as a purse. I can’t find the thermos, even though I know it came with one. I probably left it somewhere. I believe the same thing happened to my Dukes of Hazzard thermos in kindergarten. :slight_smile:

Nope. The trim is blue. The front has Luke holding a blaster in Jabba’s palace with some Gamorrean Guards in the background. The opposite side shows the Death Star hovering menacingly over Endor, with a Star Destroyer and some TIEs in the foreground, with an even more menacing Darth Vader in the background. The thermos was light blue, with Wicket on it.

I had a Knight Rider lunchbox. It was awesome.

I know we got new lunch boxes every year, but the only one I remember carrying was my Charlie’s Angels lunch box. It was cool.

I blame drink boxes for the death of the thermos.

Man, I still have that red plaid one somewhere. I think it has legos in it.

The other one we had was The Partridge Family. Even though the show had been over for years by the time we got to school age. Hopelessly uncool.

Now, my SO has a nifty blue plastic The Tick lunchbox with its own thermos, which I snatch for coffee as often as I can.

Mine was a Disney lunch box, but with the domed lid. It was painted to look like a school bus with all of the characters on board. I inherited it from my brother, who had carried it in the early 1960s.

I distinctly remember knocking it off my desk in Ms. Emert’s first grade class. When I got to the cafeteria and took it out I heard the glass and thought, “Wow, Mom put ice in my Tang.” You can imagine my surprise when it turned out to be shards of glass.

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hehe… man, does this thread bring back memories. I actually had a Hair Bear Bunch lunchbox…and if I recall correctly, a Sigmund and the Sea Monsters lunch box. And yes, I am a member of the broken thermos club as well :smiley:

I also remember when I was in junior high almost our entire school rallied together to protest the school lunch prices going up by bringing our lunches. It was almost a contest to see who could bring the strangest ones…and it was hysterical to see the entire football team carring Strawberry Shortcake ones :stuck_out_tongue:

What am I, chopped liver? :dubious:


I had a plastic “Rescue Rangers” lunch box (yeah, I’m young). I, too, remember that particular smell, especially the sour milk part. My dad always made me clean the thermos when I accidentally left it at school overnight.

I had that one too, for one year at least. Those plastic ones didn’t seem to be able to withstand more than a year of the abuse they get from young kids. The Cabbage Patch Kids one is the only one I remember though. I think that next time I’m over at my parents’ I’ll have to take a look to see if any are still kicking around anywhere.

I’m strangely tempted by the Grateful Dead one.

I had a Roy Rogers lunch box, but I’m an old fart. Several of my classmates were sharecroppers kids and carried their lunches in lard pails.

When I was a kid I had a ‘Buffalo Bill and his Pal Jingles’ lunchbox. Apparently this was a TV programme that went off the air well before I was born!

Now I have an Evil Dead lunchbox with a matching Thermos. (Yes, I used it when I had a job.)

Yeah, the first one I ever had was the Walt Disney School Bus. Other boxes were added over the years (I’m the oldest of four kids), but the School Bus “came out of retirement” more than once. I remember my sister had a Jungle Book and that one brother opted for a Rat Patrol – when my mom calls next week, I’ll ask if she remembers (or even still owns) any others.

Well, there was a girl named Jean who was in my grade. Her parents were from Scotland, and she carried her plaid pail with pride!