i have a wiinjury!

we were playing pinball (funhouse) yesterday for a couple of hours and now my left index finger is throbbing and i can’t flex it more than 90 degrees. has this happened to anyone else?? how long did it last? my only other athletic injury is my chronic tendonitis from playing pool for hours.

Well, I haven’t had that particular injury (tho I do have that game), but I did hurt my wrist after repeatedly trying to beat one of the “Bonelich” minigames in “Zack and Wiki”. You had to hold the Wiimote and shake it like a handbell in time to the music. I never could beat it, and my wrist was sore after my many attempts. I rested it for a day and tried again. That really hurt it–it was sore for several days, and I will never try that minigame again.

Boom Blox Shoulder!

Mr. Kalea tends to throw rather hard, and after playing Boom Blox for 5 hours on Sunday, he now can’t lift his arm over his head.

I flick rather than throw, so my shoulder is fine. However, I’m developing quite the callous on my thumbs from Lego Star Wars on the X-Box.

I was in a brutal 1080 Snowboarding competition with my roommate. I would beat his record, leave for work, and when I got back he held the record. Repeat for days. We were at the point where we would do several standing 1080s at the starting line and then just 1080 all the way down the course, each time requiring 3 spins of the corrugated, very non-ergonomical N64 thumbstick. Eventually I got a huge blister and so did he but we kept playing because fuck not holding the record. The blister popped and I kept playing. You can see where this is going.

Yes, I literally played video games until my thumb bled.

This is not a Wiinjury- but a Gamecube injury.

Two nights before getting married to my overly understanding bride- some buddies and I were having a game night. We were drinking some beers and throwing it down Mario Party style…

So- we’re playing one of the games where you have to hit the A button repeatedly, and I come up with the brilliant idea that if I slide my finger across the button instead of repeatedly tapping, I can increase my speed by a good amount. Only this is too painful to really keep up. So the next time a simlar game comes up- I decide to do the same, but with my knuckle. Using the index finger of my left (wedding ring hand) I proceed to tear off all a strip of skin about a quarter inch long across my finger.

My wife, who I might add, had actually been making a big deal to our photographer to get the “two hands” picture of just our hands with our wedding rings, has a mini melt down when I get home. Because now, in addition to ruining the two hands picture- I have to keep my hand hidden from view for pretty much all of the pictures.

I did win though…

thanks, guys. good to know i’m not alone! messing up that two hands picture was a bad, bad thing!

Never touched a Wii myself, but my sister and her husband own one and the other day they were complaining how sore they got playing Wii Tennis…

If it doesn’t ease up within a few days see a doctor.

I had a Warhammer related injury.

Warhammer is one of those game where you stand around a 4x8 table for hours, moving miniatures and rolling dice.

Anyway at a con once, we had a marathon session, that went for 26 hours, and was played on an 12x8 table with 6 players. There was a lot of leaning and reaching which I do with my right hand, so my left hand is used to brace my weight. And also there was no time to sit, so basically standing and leaning on my left hand flat on the table for over a day.

By the time I went to bed I was beyond exhausted, but kind of noticed my left hand feeling weird, but didn’t care. When I woke up and took a real inventory, my left hand pinky and ring finger were totally numb, I mean I could have stuck them in a pencil sharpener without noticing. I am used to this when I wake upfrom sleeping on my arms, but a few quick shakes of the hand and it goes away in seconds as blood and nerves wake up.

But this time it didn’t wake up. My fingers were just dead. For about three hours I was freaked as my mind went through the “numb left hand=Heart attack=death bit.” But I wasn’t dead, so I went back to the con to play some more. I leaned over the table and I put it together. I had smushed a nerve slowly but goodly. I had no feeling for three weeks, and it really slowly came back. It was probably 2 months before I could type normally, and 4 months before I didn’t notice it anymore. I still wonder if it’s never gotten quite as good as it was before, but since I never payed attention to those fingers before, I never got a conscious baseline.

Now that’s a Real gaming injury. :slight_smile:

wolfman–that sounds like an ulnar nerve injury! i’m happy to report my finger is finally back to normal. time to play again!

Yeah, I played Boom Blox once and my entire arm hurt the next day. Whoops.

I partially dislocated my left shoulder playing air hockey with a friend, and later that same night it dislocated again when same friend played the Witch King during a session of the new version of the LotR TCG. Never up until that point had I felt such pain. Luckily I was able to lean over and let my shoulder pop it back into place.

To this day I’m always careful to stretch my arms before exercise.

Chalk up another injury to the Boom Blox Shoulder. It’s happened on 2 separate occasions of renting that game. However, the pain goes away after 2-3 days easily, and I can continue to play the game normally. But that first day has always caused that stupid injury.