I have a yeast infection................on my head.

Insert jokes here…then move on please.
This is misery! Like dandruff on steroids. I may have no hair left. The derm said soak my head in oil, coconut to be exact, then comb the plaques off (or whatever they’re called) and wrote a script for ketoconazole shampoo. It goes away for a week or so, but then roars back worse than ever.

Anyone ever try to deal with this successfully?? I am shedding as I write.

You need to keep your scalp cool and dry. If it’s getting damp and warm on your pillow while you sleep, you need to figure out the best way to avoid that. Consider a fan aimed directly at your head, sleeping stomach/face down or at least waking regularly and shifting positions so that no area of your head gets to stay damp and warm for too long.
ETA: Change bedding daily.

Have you had your blood sugar tested recently? Yeast grows more easily on people with higher blood sugars.

Are you able to keep your hair short? Short hair would help keep it drier.

Hypothyroidism is linked to the combination of hair loss and yeast infections of the scalp. If you have not been tested for that, you should get that checked out.

Per Healthline, there are a number of additional medications that you can try for your issue:

ETA: Once it’s cleared up, the Healthline article mentions some essential oils that help. You might switch to shampoo with one of them to help prevent a recurrence (tea tree oil or lavender are both mentioned).

Well, as I said, I have an Rx for a ketoconazole shampoo. Are you recommending an azole cream topically applied as well?

The derm said it’s pretty much from a constant sheen of sweat here on my head in the summer in AZ with the 100+ temps.

Move to Minnesota. That’ll take care of that for you.

I wouldn’t ignore the other posts who recommended running some tests. My first thought was an underlying problem. If he diagnosed this without running cultures I wouldn’t rule out a fungal infection. Easy to clear up with over the counter anti fungal meds. Same as ringworm or athletes foot.

I am not a doctor, nor any other sort of medical professional, but when I hear of yeast infections in unusual places, my first thought is a compromised immune system.

How much hair do you have. I would buzz it real short ( easy to say, hard to do). The yeast infection pill, Diflucan should work. When you go out side you need one of the cooling do-rag things.

I can agree with this, testing is something to look into.

Did they offer any oral anti-fungal stuff as well or just topical. I went through a year of misery when an Army dermatologist kept insisting I had fungal infections under my armpits and gave me ketaconazole topically and orally, it kept getting worse and worse, my skin started cracking and was so painful. Finally I saw someone else and they actually cut off a small piece of tissue, and it turned out to be like a mild eczema, so basically I had been doing the opposite of what I should have been doing and keeping the area dry when I should have been moisturizing.

I literally bought some over the counter moisturizing lotion and within two weeks it went away and never came back, even after discontinuing the lotion. I could have punched that other guy in the face, as angry as I was about the torture he put me through. :mad:

I had “something” on my penis back in 1984. Being the eternal pessimist I was sure it was herpes. I drove myself crazy for a couple of weeks, putting this and that on it, but it wouldn’t go away. I’m dead, I’m toast. It was like a whole bunch of tiny blisters, within an area of a half-inch or less. Zero pain or other sensations.

So I finally go to my doc. He looked at it through a magnifier and immediately said, “It’s a yeast infection.” He gave me a script for some antibiotic cream and it was totally gone in a couple of days, never to be seen again.

If your dermatologist is telling you to use coconut oil or whatever on it, get a REAL doc who will give you some REAL medicine. The correct diagnosis is step one, then the correct medicine is step two. If my doc knew this 34 years ago, then for some “doc” today to NOT know it is unacceptable.

Yeast is a fungus. That’s one of the reasons the ketoconazole shampoo was prescribed. Another is that it treats seborrheic dermatitis, which is most likely what the OP has. That’s what cradle cap is on babies. It’s not uncommon for babies that have had cradle cap to grow up and again have to deal with seborrheic dermatitis around middle age. Then again in old age. Dermatologists are excellent at diagnosing and treating issues like these.

Yeah, he’s a terrific derm, the coconut oil is not to heal, it’s just to relieve the massive flaking. And it works. And I do have, as I said, the ketoconazole shampoo by Rx. I guess another visit. He did tell me stress can bring it on in spades, and yeah, I’ve been really stressed.

I get recurrent yeast in my ears. No other health issues. I use coconut oil when it gets crusty and itchy. No cream seems to help with that but using clotrimazole cream after showers seems to keep it away for the most part. If I forget though, it comes right back.

OP, do you wear a hat?

My doc told me to wipe myself off after having sex. My GF did not have a yeast infection which, if I recall correctly, is not an STD anyways.

Before I discovered it I was not stressed, that came afterwards.

Or maybe the question should be: Do you ever have head sex? :eek:

Hurk, you missed the joke window, leave please

Back to Voltaire’s thought, I wonder if a powdered azole at nite would be a good idea? Dry and anti-fungal at the same time, like a nystatin powder?

No hats, occasional visor or sweatband.

God. IDK, I sometimes wonder if you keep throwing OTC product at your head and scalp you’ll just be making the problem worse. I worry a lot about allergic reactions to those things.