I have an answer to a question that I can't find.

In one of the many story ID threads a story was mention that appeared in Playboy and was headlined by a pair of “burning eyeballs”. The punchline was “He said he couldn’t read minds.” Well, I’ve located the answer but my searches here have been unable to locate the original question.

The story is “The Most Powerful Tailor in the World” by Michael Crichton and is the “cover story” for the audiobook The Best of Playboy Fiction. https://www.amazon.com/Most-Powerful-Tailor-World/dp/1567405002

This one, I think.

If I can piggyback on this, I’d just like to say kaiser rolls, 4 to the square root of x, and Guy Lombardo.

thank you for locating the thread, Galen. I have posted the info there as well. Moderator, feel free to lock this one.

I believe that the popular methodology when a hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional being is presented with issues like this is to create a partially-biological super-computer in the shape of a planet.