I have an extremely important Star Trek: TNG question

I know Lt. Commander Data is fully functional in every way.

However… is he WATERPROOF?

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He does walk underwater without any special gear in Insurrection.

He specifically says that he can be used as a flotation device, in that movie IIRC.

So, the mechanism behind his full functionality is pneumatic?

I didn’t know that!

Insurrection isn’t as bad as people say. I mean, it isn’t good, but it’s definitely worth seeing if you’re a TNG fan.

The one after that is total balls, though.

It was better than the first one.

There was an episode where Geordi was reminiscing and mentioned that he and Data were on leave in a lake or something somewhere when Data decided to go for a swim from the boat. Data sank like a stone and had to walk to shore along the bottom. I think it was somewhere in the 6th or 7th season, and he had learned to swim since.

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I view this as unlikely, on the scale of “There’s a hippo in my soapdish.”

I’ve often wondered if “fully functional” meant he could actually ejaculate (& if so what) or just that he could get an erection.

I can’t imagine how he could possibly float or swim. He’s built like a machine, not a human! He’s all machine parts and wiring and computer chips. He weighs 100 kg. (which is 220 lbs., which is pretty solid for someone with his height and build).

I can’t believe I’m getting dragged into this conversation.

Ahem: mineral oil? :confused:

I think the secret died with Tasha.

I don’t remember it being stated - his overall density is no doubt higher than a human’s (whose density is typically near that of water) but Worf could readily carry him, so he’s clearly not in 500lb range.

I’m guessing the only way he could swim is if he could move his arms and legs at outboard-motor speeds.

What bugged me about Insurrection is that previously during the show the crew has been happy to stand by and let entire planets die to fulfill Starfleet beliefs. But now they decide to go rambo to save a people from being relocated :rolleyes:

Plus it wasn’t clear why they had to be relocated. So the ugly aliens are actually pretty aliens who just moved off-planet and got old, huh? So why don’t they just move back and stay there? The humans were feeling the “fountain of youth” effects, so you don’t actually have to trash the planet (for reasons I still don’t understand). Just settle 5000km west of the existing population and you’ll never see them anyway, so who gives a fuck?

Isn’t that the whole point?
Star Fleet itself was violating the Prime Directive by relocating the Ba’ku. This conflicts with Data’s programming, which starts the entire insurrection.

Yes that was the whole plot, that Starfleet brass was corrupt and willing to bend the rules for their own benefit(SHOCKER!). So in upholding the prime directive the crew grossly violates it as well, never questioning Starfleet regs in the other cases(if they were wrong in this instance may they have been wrong before?).

And it was revealed near the end the entire thing was fueled by the Sora/Ba’ku split, in a conflict resembling petulant teenagers seeking to hurt their parents. They don’t want to move back just yet, they want to show their parents.

Bingo, apparently in a setting involving warp travel it would just be too damn hard for the powerful SF brass to go take vacations on a resort on world. No they must have youth in their office dammit!