I have been WIFI-fied.

I just setup a WIFI network based on a dsl service. It’s great, but there is one HUGE problem. Wireless signal degredation is massive, although I have no idea why…

Anyone else try this sort of thing, and what kind of results did you get, so far?

I built a huge wireless network for a business that I consult for. I also have one at home. I assume that it is an 802.11b network. Is that correct? If so, what brand of access point do you have? I have used linksys and have had good results. The routers are designed for signal degradation per order of the FCC to minimize interference in congested areas. There are plenty of ways around that. There are whole websites dedicated to ways to extend your range. You will have to tell us what you are looking for. One solution that I have had good luck with is to buy an auxilary antenna for the access point but the specifics depend on which model you have.

I have a Linksys router. It is a BEFWS11, i think. I only notice a major level of intereference/degredation with my PC that is directly below the router by one floor. The PC is attached to the WUSB11 by Linksys. A wireless USB adapter…

Basically any time the phone rings, i get interference which drops the network. The network is 802.11b. We just replaced the phones before we did this, so we really can’t get new phones. I tried changing channels and whatnot, but to no avail.

802.11b is on a 2.4 GHz frequency, the same as some cordless phones these days, so that could be part of your problem.

I will attempt here to draw a diagram of the radiation pattern for a typical rod antenna (basically a vertical dipole with the ground plane acting as the second radiator):


As you can see, anything more or less directly above and below the antenna receives virtually no signal. The angle of the radiation pattern is considerable larger than what I’ve shown, but you get the idea.

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Well, I didn’t have any crayons :smiley:

I have tried a few different combos and brands (D-link-Belkin-Netgear-Linksys) of popular wireless router + wireless adapters (inside case types, USB, and PC cards for notebooks) FWIW I have found the combination of a Linksys wireless router and Netgear USB wireless adapters to give the best results signalwise. The Netgear WIFI router sucks (IMO) and the Linksys WIFI adapters are barely OK. The Netgear USB adapter + Linksys WIFI router combo is great however. I was very unimpressed with the Belkin wireless USB adapters. For notebooks D-Link wireless PC cards work great and are fairly inexpensive. ( $ 30- $40 each). I have not tried any of the new higher speed, enhanced bandwidth WIFI routers.

Placement is often critical for best signal and the cable tether of the USB boxes allow some flexibility as to exact positioning to maximize signal.

I use an Orinoco AP 200 WAP in my house (about $150) and I have had no problems at all. The access point is on the top floor, and my wireless reception is 100% clear through to the basement and out in the yard. My 2.4 GHz cordless phone does not cause any interference.