I have car lust for the first time since I was a young man.

I am not really a “car guy.” When I was young I lusted after a few cars, but mostly as I aged I just didn’t care.

But not any more. I love the 2011 Mercedes SLS AMG Gull Wing.

Alas, unless something drastic changes, I cannot afford it!

My teenage daughter is now lusting after that car thanks to those pictures. :wink:

It is awfully pretty. I’m afraid it would be much too fun to drive and therefore become even more expensive when you add in traffic tickets and insurance rate hikes.

I’ve been in the throes of passion with cars that I cannot afford for years now! It sucks! :frowning:

Other than the fact that they look totally cool, is there a benefit to having the gull wing doors?

Not banging them into another parked car’s doors?
This is a serious machine. The photos link to the Car And Driver First test drive. Lots and lots of power, and other interesting engineering feats like an 8.8 pound carbon fiber driveshaft.

Also: its $225,000. Santa doesn’t have that kind of cheese…

Besides the gull wings it looks like bits and pieces from a lot of other cars.
Mazda RX-8, Dodge Viper, Corvette Stingray, BMW Roadster.