I have decided to commandeer Christmas

I have just gotten back from the store where the Christmas stuff is already up. This only reminds me that 1. my Bank account is very empty, and 2. I hate buying presents even when I am doing okay.
Thinking about it, December 25 2003. 2002 years after the year Jesus wasn’t born, on the day Jesus wasn’t born. Jesus really doesn’t have all that much claim on it really now does he? It is also 2002 years after the year I wasn’t born, on the day I wasn’t born. He has had 2001 of them, so I think it’s only fair someone else gets a turn, and since it’s my idea I’m going first.
Therefore Dec. 25 2003 will be commerative of the “anniversary” of my birth. In honor of me, nobody will exchange presents of any kind. Thank you, that is all.

But… but… that would make the baby wolfman cry.

Jumping wolfman on a pogo stick! What are you suggesting, man?!

Slight hijack:
Years ago there was a nutball movement to “put the Christ back in Christmas”, since so many were shortcutting it to “Xmas”. I promptly told my 10-year old son Christopher that I was donating part of his name and that from that point onward he was to be known as “Xtopher”. Poor kid thought I was serious and told his friends. He’s now in his 30s and I still call him “X”.

So, who wants that new Mercedes I already bought wolfman for Christmas?

I have to admit…when I was living in West Hollywood, there were a lot of Russians who lived there…it seems their Christmas is about two weeks after our Christmas. I used to think they got some great deals on gifts in those after Christmas sales!

Thus, I think we should declare the second Sunday in January the official SDMB Christmas!

Jack Skellington will beat ya to it, mate.

Sorry Wolfman, but I turn into a Jehovah’s Witness for the month of December…