I have found the soulmate for Chick, Phelps AND posthumously for Koresch!!!

I introduce to you THE REAL DEAL Christian…Marie Kolasinski !!! Just a God-fearing, quilt-making, soup kitchen working, 84 year-old Anarchist! See her dispell demons with thermometers! Watch her pop-off vulgarities at the evil gestapo (Orange County Sheriffs) like they were audience members at an Andrew Dice Clay show. She does it all in the name of God! :rolleyes:

Just another day in beautiful So-Cal…Oct. 26th, 2005…no Santa Ana fanned wildfires, no OJ, Robert Blake or Jacko in court, no teachers getting arrested for private lessons with 14 year olds…an ALMOST perfect day in So-Cal…UNTIL THE SEED OF ARMAGEDDON HAS BEEN PLANTED BY AN OLD LADY IN COSTA MESA:

Still not satiated enough with our heathen-hating lustful granny for a country totally free of governmental law except for theocratical law? Let me help you with this google search:
Piecemakers Marie Kolasinski

I had the opportunity of listening to Marie being interviewed on local radio on the way to a hockey game last Friday and this nice dear old lady seemed so gentle, so “grandmotherly” at first. “Poor little old grandma…It’s just a misunderstanding”, I thought to myself, until the 35th second of the interview when she started spewing obscenities (that were bleeped out) that caught the interviewer off gaurd. “I make great soup, and no Fing AHole is gonna put his GDamn thermometer in it!" Dang, she don’t like the Orange County authorities…for at least 30 years! This little black diamond has been grinding on OC for all these years…the model for all Anarchists! Then the callers started popping off on Kolasinski, calling her group a cult, non-Christian, etc. “More heresy!”, she screams, "Go back to your to your MF’n temples, mosques and Catholic churches. You F**ing ain’t God’s people!”

Ahhhhhh…shades of Jack, Phred and David wash their slimeyness all over me when I heard the whole interview! I have met the 4th horseman…and it’s a she! Now please, let me be eaten first!

Well bless their hearts.

I propose a cage match between these charming ladies and The God Warrior.

Wow…I take back any and all bad things I’ve said about leftists in California. Aparently, insanity runs through all Californians, regardless of creed or political leaning. I mean…fuck…wow…I’m speachless.

It’s the Earthquakes. Rattles up the brains, doncha know? :wink:


(binaca squirt)

Hey, baby … where’s the fire?

Meh. She’s 84, she’ll be dead soon.

It’s the Roy Moores that scare me more.

I love how health inspectors are compared to “Hitler’s henchmen”. I forgot about that great historical tragedy, the Nazi health inspection camps of Auschwitz and Dachau.

A followup


I’d call them Xian Anarchists.

“Raise less corn and more hell!”

Anarchy in the old school!

Hell no. She’s so pickled in piss and vinegar, she’s bound to have another 20 years in her.


I give up, why piecemakerr? I can’t fathom the spelling.

It’s how all the 133t crazies spell it.

As it happens, I used to attend a church that was next door to the Piecemakers, and I know the answer.

In addition to operating a poorly-regulated food service facility, they also make and sell “crafts.” At least, they were doing so during the early- to mid-1990s.

Nazis, huh? NO SOUP FOR YOU!