I have "Glue Ear" and I love it!

I have a case of Otitis Media with effusion, otherwise known as “glue ear” in my left ear. It is apparently a relatively harmless case of fluid building up behind the ear drum. Most cases fix themselves in 3 months or so.

It isn’t causing me any discomfort, in fact I am rather enjoying it. Here’s why.

I am very light sleeper, it doesn’t take much noise to wake me up. One of the side effects of this condition in my case is hearing loss in the upper frequencies. Notably, the frequencies of crickets and some songbirds. This has been a wonderful boon to my mornings. Now I just roll over and put my right ear on the pillow and suddenly most of the morning noises are extinguished!

Anyone else found any unexpected benefits to their ailments?

One of the things I hate about summer - besides the stifling heat - is the @#$@# crickets!

Having said that, I haven’t noticed them this year. I wonder where they are. I’ll have to make an attempt to remember to listen tonight.