I have Internet Explorer files. Why?

I run CCleaner from time to time. Although I just ran it 48 hours ago, it now shows that I have Internet Explorer files that can be deleted. I see eight temporary internet files and one history file for a total of 32 KB. Not much, but I never use IE.

Why do I have files from something I have not used?

Thanks for helping my curiosity.:slight_smile:

WAG - you might be using a program that embeds a WebBrowser control or something similar - this allows the program to show you internet content inside its own program window, and it would use the same caching space as IE.

If you haven’t cleaned them up yet, try opening the files in Firefox and taking a look at them! (Or your browser of choice.)

I think you nailed it. I poked around, allowed some “hidden” files to be viewed, and found that a couple of things I saved to my desktop while using Firefox, somehow created files in IE.