I have never beat any of the Paper Marios

And I just love these games. But the ending dungeon always proves too hard for me. I always run out of materials and healing and have an incredibly difficult time getting through and never have managed it. And while I will train and train and train in Final Fantasy games I just don’t have the patience to train forever in these games.

This doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the games much, though once in a while I do think, “Hey, I wonder what happens in the end?” I can always watch it on youtube (and have) but of course it’s not the same satisfaction.

Please tell me I’m not alone! There must be other people who have games they just never beat.

I’m the exact opposite–I’ve never personally beat any Final Fantasy game after VI. Reasons vary (sucky PC port of VII, ran out of steam during Lunatic Pandora segment of VIII, playstation broken down in the middle of IX, playstation 2 broke down in the middle of X.).

I’ve never beat a single Zelda game. It’s not because it’s too hard or anything, I just get bored/distracted for some reason.

I had also never beat a single Super Mario game until Sunshine. Then I went back and beat all the main ones except for the first one.

The final dungeon in Paper Mario is easy if you play…dangerously… (final boss spoilers)

I rarely start a game that I don’t see through to completion, but I still haven’t finished Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Despite there being a lot going for that game, so much about it annoyed me that I got to the final boss, died, and didn’t feel like trying again. Haven’t touched it in months, maybe I’ll go back someday.

I had not played any Mario game except Sunshine until very recently. I’ve now played all but 1 and Secret Levels…and Galaxy.

I’ve never beaten a Paper Mario, either, despite playing two of them.

I couldn’t finish Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. The prospect of going back to that same dungeon for yet another gods damned time just didn’t appeal to me. This has also made me skip Spirit Tracks

edit: and come to think of it I never beat FFVIII, X, or XII on account of them all being terrible

I can’t bring myself to even make a real attempt at playing FFXII let alone finishing it, despite having owned it for a couple years now. I played the first introductory part, then got into the “fetch quests” bullshit and quit.