I have never been so happy to sit around doing nothing

I am 36 weeks pregnant. I have spent the past 64 days on bedrest in the hospital, for placenta previa. This morning, I had a heart-to-heart with my doctor about whether I still needed to be there (my previa has moved from complete to marginal, and I haven’t bled for the whole 9 weeks I’ve been there), and I actually convinced him! I am still on bedrest at home, but I am sitting in my own recliner, and I will sleep tonight in my own bed.

We didn’t tell my daughter (who is four) this morning that I might be coming home, because we weren’t 100% sure it was going to happen (it was contingent on me not showing contractions on monitoring that hadn’t been done yet). When my husband dropped her off at daycare, he told her that there might be a surprise for her when they came home tonight. When they came home, she started searching the house for the surprise. When she walked into the room, her eyes got as big as saucers, and she had to run backwards to where she couldn’t see me for a minute to catch her breath. Then she peeked in, and did it again. Then she started jumping up and down in place, yelling, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!” She had to burn off some of that before she could even come over to me and give me a hug. (We had Grandma videotaping all of this, thank goodness, but I haven’t looked at the tape yet.)

I go back in on Wednesday for a C-section (they don’t want to let me go too late, as there is still a risk of hemorrhage even with the marginal placenta previa).

I cannot believe how good it feels just to lie around on the couch and do nothing.

Congratulations!! I’ll bet it’s going to be fun to keep that video of your four year old. Later on, when she’s an angsty teen, you may need it!

Do you know the gender of the upcoming child? Got a name picked out?

I’ll say a prayer for your health, and that of the baby.

Glad you are in a more comfortable environment. Sending healing thoughts your way!

It’s a little boy, and his name will be Howard (we’re not “releasing” the middle name yet).

I had a few contractions last night, but I think just because I wasn’t drinking quite enough water during the middle of the day when I was getting packed and moved. I’ll be better about that today. I would have felt really dumb if I went into labor six hours after being released, though. :slight_smile:

Howard? Really? Can we talk about that?

Just kidding (mostly). Rest lots, and have a happy baby day on Wednesday. When come back, bring pictures!

'scuse me, I just have a little something in my eye…<turns away and wipes surreptitiously>

Seriously, even trying to imagine how overjoyed your girl felt makes me smile.

Best of luck on the arrival of the new guy.

Oh my gosh, what an ordeal. A close friend of mine was on at-home bedrest for 4 months, and she also had a 4-year-old daughter at the time. It was hard enough on them, even with her in the house. I can’t imagine how hard it was for you to be in the hospital that whole time! I am so glad you got to come home. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy and the delivery!

I think some wise Doper described being a parent to a young child to being someone’s favorite rock star, dropping by for a visit.

That is absolutely lovely. Is she looking forward to her new baby brother?