I have no car

I was going to post this in the Pit, but then I realized I wasn’t mad, just slightly peeved.

So my 1990 Toyota Corolla is making a horrible noise. The engine (!) sounds like a Harley on crack. I don’t dare drive it, who knows what will happen?

So my SO and I are splitting up. Which means some days I will have to take…

the BUS.

I am proud to say that there was a long period when I only had the bus as a form of transportation, but I remember the smelly people, the stares, and the long rides. (It seems like normal people never take the bus!)

Why me??? My poor car. I’ll miss you so.

Luckily it will only be for a couple of weeks but aarhgh.

Elenia,you’ve got some bad karma goin’ on…
your car doesn’t understand that you need some co-operation right now and it
to, has turned against you, usually, in my miniscule world,it’s usually the battery
that betrays me. It is ironic that when we expierience trepidation, the things
we rely upon fail to support us (i.e., car, SO, job,family,computer,pen runs out
of ink while we are writing a check) all this stuff sucks.
The car thing…get another car, decent reliable used-cars are readily available
for 6 or 7k. take your time,please go to a car lot and not a private owner,there
are too many wacko’s and predators in the big city. If you need to take the bus
temporarily, thats o.k…
Cheer-up! Chin-up! Destiny awaits you!

Plus, riding the bus will give you all manner of interesting stories to relate in MPSIMS and the Pit.

Good luck with the car; sorry to hear you’re breaking up.

Wow, that sucks. Good luck to you. At very least, try to pick up some new masturbation techniques from the people next to you on the bus.

MY SO is getting a new car from his parents (well he’s buying it) and I will take his old one, which isn’t very old.

The day it broke down, my sandal also broke. As well as the strap to my handbag. I felt like asking “Why is everything I have broken?” But I really try hard not to think like that. :frowning:


At least I’ve never seen anyone eating a ham out of his beard (Trading Places).