I have NO idea what to get my Mom for Christmas.

We haven’t spent Christmas together in years. Usually we do Thanksgiving together and for Christmas we just send each other cards. (We live in different states)

This year, due to scheduling issues, we’re are skipping T-day and spending Christmas together. Since my mom is a stickler for ritual, I’m going to need to buy her a gift.

The thing is though, my mother is a very wealthy woman (I hope that doesn’t sound pretentious). So, usually, if she wants something, she just buys it. So what the heck can I get her? (A man of much lesser means to say the least :p)

Any creative ideas guys?


My mom is not a very wealthy woman, but she doesn’t want STUFF, so that makes it hard to buy her gifts. However, she likes to have new experiences (she recently went skydiving) so I try to think in that direction. This year I am planning to get some of her loved ones together and go do this escape game thing with her.

Other than that, you might try something consumable like wine and cheese, or nice body products. Your mom can go buy that stuff herself, but she’ll always need more, right?

Make something for her. Mom’s always like that. If you’re not good at making things then buy something and say you did make it.

Experiences are good. Especially when they line up with her interests and hobbies. For example, my mom is really into genealogy, so she might like a gift membership to an ancestry research website.

The more personal the better. Sure, she can buy anything on her own but hopefully she’ll appreciate the thought behind a personalized gift. Some other ideas:

-A nice photo frame with pictures of her family
-A piece of jewelry with her initials or birthstone
-Tickets to an event she would like
-Gift certificate to her favorite restaurant or spa
-A bottle of her favorite wine or perfume

Is there a charity or organization she actively supports? If so, maybe a donation to it would be something she’d appreciate.

  1. Write down your warm feelings about her.
  2. Organize a trip where she gets to take you and your kids, or other family members, to a place that holds significance for her. Maybe from her youth? Or your youth? Talk about why the place has meaning for her and why she wants to show it to you.

www.etsy.com is full of hand-made stuff that you never knew you needed but tends to steal your heart as soon as you see it. It’s a nice place to look for stuff for people who are hard to buy for because there’s a good chance they don’t look there to buy things for themselves.

You could get something made that reflects her family (like a necklace with the grandkids’ initials)

You could get something that is representative of some show, movie or book she likes (like uh, a Downton Abbey tea tray)

You could even get something edible or drinkable. There are a lot of hand-made candies and teas there.

How about making a picture slide show of old family photos, with music. Pretty easy to do once the pictures are scanned into the computer.

We’d get my folks gift cards to restaurants or gas cards (they have an RV and travel every summer.)

So get her something she wouldn’t think of herself.

Does your city do any holiday artisan events? We have several, and I always find lots of beautiful, creative and unique gifts.

Go to a paint-your-own pottery place and paint a coffee mug for her. It’s okay if you don’t have skills. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Paint it as if you were 8-years-old with silly kid sayings about how much you love your mom.

Another thing that is good is a decorative bowl–something she would leave out to hold keys, candy, change, jewelry, etc. Everyone can always use another one of those. Find something that will match her style. The artisan shows or shops would be a good place to find something like that. If you get a bowl, put some of her favorite candies, tea bags, or whatever in it when you give it to her.

Or a fruitcake. Everyone loves getting a fruitcake as a gift.

A picture of her and you covered in elbow macaroni and glitter

Thanks for the input guys. Great ideas!

That would be an excellent idea. My mother did that and gave one to each of her children. I think it would work just as well the other way around. (She drove herself nuts choosing the music for each child.)

If you feel the need to give something tangible: A family photo, printed on a mug. Vistaprint has pretty decent prices for this (under $20). Fill it with chocolate, or add some hot cocoa mix or something along those lines.

A necktie.

A simply framed 5X7 photograph is a good idea. If she likes it, she’ll love it, and if she doesn’t she can hang in the guest room.

I’d avoid the macaroni glitter, though.

The favorite gift I ever gave my mom was something I wan’t even sure she would like. It was one of those weather station things that show theindoor and outdoor temps as well as barometer changes. She loved that thing and was seriously upset when it died and I couldn’t find replacement parts. She wouldn’t let me buy her another because it “wasn’t the same.”

Didn’t you read the OP? Mom is a woman of means and would highly likely prefer suspenders and a bowtie.

My brother got my mom a fit bit kind of thingy last Christmas - she LOVES it. Or, if you end up going with the bow tie and suspenders thing, a lorgnette would go well with it.