I have not had a donut in over a year

I hadn’t thought about it, but yeah, I haven’t had a donut since I retired. Donuts are social food, not something I would buy just for me.

We made pączki, which are a Polish version of jelly donuts. They’re not as light as the kind you buy at a bakery, but not bad. Apparently Voodoo Donuts has delivery now!

There are three Dunkin’ Donuts shops near here, and all three are open. The one I go to is window service only; not sure about the other two. (I know one was taking walk-ins a few months back.) There are a couple of gas-station convenience stores with Dunkin’ counters, too, and I know at least one is open.

There was a Krispy Kreme at the casino, but I’m told it’s closed now. (Unfortunately, so is the Fay Da Chinese bakery that was there. :frowning:)

We just had donuts a few days ago. I happened to see a recommendation on NextDoor for a donut place that I can remember from when I was probably 3 or 4. It was a looooooong time ago. My uncle took me there when we were visiting grandma a couple of blocks away. I thought it was the best donut I’d ever had. But the freeway “took” my grandma’s house (it would have sat almost directly under the highest point on the interchange between the westbound 10 and the southbound 405) 60+ years ago. I was shocked to find out on NextDoor that this family owned shop was still in existence, and they were on Door Dash! Sadly, the donuts no longer were as good as I remembered. I’ll stick to Randy’s if I need a donut fix.

I’m not a fan of Krispy Kreme. I guess they’re o.k. when they’re hot, but I’ve only had room temperature ones, and I could taste the raw batter. Plus the glaze was sickeningly sweet. So, I’ll pass.

They’re currently available at Giant Eagle!!

Krispy Kremes are the big thing here. Unfortunately (and I may be weird here) my favorite are Entenmann’s plain old-fashioned donuts, followed by their cinnamon ones, and neither are available here. IKEA used to do similar cinnamon ones but they changed them a while back to a worse option. And I agree that KK are sickeningly sweet.

One of the local cab companies brought us donuts the other day from a local bakery to remind us they’re still in business if a guest needs a taxi. It was very tasty.

Thanks to everyone in this thread, I walked to Greenbush Bakery and bought a blueberry cake donut with maple glaze, and a fat raised donut with vanilla frosting and a ton of coconut on top.

I might just be sane for a while now…