I have receeded into nothingness(google vanity)

I have a popular first name, and an medium rarish last name(around 8000 in popularity or so) that is also a place name of obscure place.
Oh how I remeber the early days of the virginal web. There once once a time when I typed my name into yahoo, the first entry was about me. :slight_smile: Over time as the web has grown, I have shrunk.

First I was pushed off the first page of listings. I expected that, no big deal. I was relegated to the 3-5 pages before you got to a reference about me. I made a brief apperance on page one a few years ago when a semi well read article/paper referenced a thesis I had written in college, but it was short lived.

But now I am nothing :frowning: I did a vanity search on google 10 minutes ago(just first and last name). I am not even’ first 20 pages’ notable anymore. My spirit could not go on any farther to see how far I have to go to find myself. I am a worthless nobody dissolved in the abyss of irrelevance with the little insignificant people. Without Google to validate me I am a mere shade of a once-was human being whose existance cannot even be verified
:frowning: :frowning: :mad: :frowning:

Wow, that’s a bummer dude.

My facebook listing is the first google search result ^^;;