I have recently come into some money. Please suggest:

In order:

A small treat that you’ve been hankering for but never had the cash to get it.
Some kind of long term useful item that will be appreciated by you and your whole family (like a pool, or a nice car, or an extension on the house).

Then save the rest for emergencies.

World Cruise

SDMB memberships are only US$15! Very cheap and a way of saying “thank you” to your friends on the Dope!

(Yes, I know I’m not a paid member yet. Because I have not recently come into some money. Are gift memberships a possibility? Because that’s my suggestion. :wink: )

When I paid off all my credit cards, the companies didn’t have a chance to cancel them. I beat them to it. Credit card free for 3+ years and loving it. :cool:

A subscription to the SDMB.

Vegas. Going is like charity since the city is hurting so bad. You can find some great deals so that takes care of the fun purchases and when you win, because there are no losers in Vegas, it’ll be better ROI then if you had invested it properly.

So there you go you get your charity, your fun spending and your investing all in one trip and no matter how much money you came into you can just change the length of your stay to suit.

Give some of it to me. That would take care of your charitable donation. Wouldn’t you feel good about yourself? I’m getting a warm fuzzy just thinking about it!

Spend it on building new houses so the local builders that are self employed and have no work or unemployment benefits don’t lose all they have.

Kind of an absurd OP. To make cogent suggestions that are of any utility at all the amount involved and the personal goals of the person possessing the money are essential items. Otherwise you’re just throwing mud at the wall.

Have you given any thought to alpaca farming?

Beg for another $0.75 and then hit up the dollar menu at McDonalds if you’re on the low end. If you’re on the upper end…um…hit up the dollar menu at McDonalds 1,000,000 times?

The idea that the suggestions would be the same for a quarter as for a million dollars makes me think that this OP needs an accountant immediately.


I’m assuming that what you got was a big enough chunk of dough for you to worry about it. A good financial advisor will set you up with something that will minimize your taxes and maximize your return.

And if you would like to contribute to helping SWMBO and me keep our Taekwondo school open, we would sing your praises. We’re still recovering from Hurricane Ike and the economic collapse, and it’s looking bleak…

Seriously, though - investment counseling. Go. Now.

I find your offer suspect because YOU DID NOT USE ENOUGH CAPITAL LETTERS.

I suggest you spend it on women of ill repute and an extract of coca leaves.

In this order:

  1. Pay off debt.
  2. Invest a good proportion conservatively: CDs, index funds, bond funds, savings.
  3. Buy real property in an area where such is undervalued at the moment, yet there are many employers nearby and good infrastructure.
  4. Contribute to charities of your choice.

I’m guessing it is something like $10,000 - enough to make it worth your while to think about what to do with it.

From the perspective of someone who had debts then paid them off, and now has, let’s call them managed debts (car, house, line of credit used to buy employee-owned company shares), the peace of mind that comes from being debt-free is immense. Part of what you’re buying when you pay of your debts is freedom - the money you earn after that is YOURS. It doesn’t go first to the credit card company, then to the student loan people, but it goes into your bank account, and you decide what to do with it. Maybe now you take the money you spent on debt reduction and spend it on saving up for returning to college. Maybe now you have a nice vacation every year. Maybe your house gets renovated.

But buy yourself something nice with it, too - life isn’t all balance sheets and duty. :slight_smile:

In this order:

  1. Pay off debt

  2. Reliable long-term transportation

  3. Home - something you can pay cash for and pay the taxes on easily.

  4. Invest for future income.

If you haven’t completed your education, then that comes in at number two and bumps the others down.

Resist the urge to buy too much house or vehicle for long-term comfort. The idea is to get these things taken care of so that you can focus on actually living your life.

Buy love.

Get a Dog.

I’m going to Vegas this weekend and could really use some spending money!

So, if you’re lost on how to spend it… I will gladly pick up the burden. Its the least I could do.


You get to be charitable, have a tax deduction, help some enterprising people in thirld world countries, and see what they accomplish with your money, AND you get your all of your money back aftera couple months.