I have renamed my cat

She was designated Cookie Monster. Perhaps a prescient choice of name…

She is beautiful and as I have said before on the SDMB, I love her like a daughter. But even I have to admit that despite her petite frame and pretty face, she is one fat mofo kitty. She’s completely obsessed with food. She’s been on diet food for two years, and she hasn’t lost a damn ounce.

She eats everything she finds. We can’t leave a single foodstuff out in the kitchen, because she’ll be at it. Most cats sniff catnip and go crazy. She eats it. She’s also been known to eat carrots, bread, bananas, parsnips, donuts, lettuce, candy, and chocolate.

Anyway, this evening I caught her eating… maple syrup.

FFS, is there a single cat in recorded history that has eaten maple syrup?

So, with apologies to our esteemed doper friend, from this evening, she has been re-christened Mangetout, and shall be known as that for ever more.

Beat this.

I brought home a KFC dinner for Kathy one night. She was holding the corn-on-the-cob over the plate, when she told me to look.

Her kitty Shea (passed away in 2003) was eating the corn off the cob! And it wasn’t just for the butter and/or salt, she would eat it when it was dry and unsalted as well!

Never heard of that before.

I have a picture of that somewhere. I’ll see if I can find it.

Perhaps they have some common genetic link. Was Shea fat too?

Quite the contrary. Slim, trim, and very energetic.

Now…if you would have asked about my current Ashleigh…

Ashleigh is almost 17 lbs. She should be about 7-8 lbs. She’s also been on a diet - but stubbornly refuses to lose weight.

That picture was taken when she was still about 12 lbs.

Whenever I tried to rename a cat I got a popup message warning me that cat could become unusable, and was I sure I wanted to change the cat’s name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ashleigh is gorgeous! Really imposing face. I wouldn’t fuck with her! She doesn’t look fat at all in that pic.

The new “Mangetout” is only 15 lbs, though the vet tells me she should actually be 9. But she looks huge. She has a big fat gut that swings when she walks.

I take consolation that she’s a happy, affectionate cat who is loved and cared for.

I have a 22# tabby and an 18# Siamese/Himalayan/Ragdoll mix. And two other cats, more normally proportioned. It’s damn hard to put two cats on a diet when the others don’t need it.

It’s a good thing they’re all strictly indoor cats, because if the 22 pounder could go out, I’m sure he’d spend most of his time catching additional food, and eating it.

I was just relaying this thread to Kathy, who told me about another cat she had before we got married, a cat named Butterball.

Kathy had a midnight snack one evening, a glass of V8 juice, finished about half the glass, set it down, and went to sleep.

She awoke to a strange and pitiful sound. Butterball had thought, Gosh, I could have a V8! and was sitting on the dresser with his head stuck about halfway down into the glass.

After she finished laughing, Kathy took the poor thing and gently pulled the glass from his head.

Oh yes: Kathy says to make sure you know that she did not name the cat. That injustice was forced upon the cat by her college roommate, and Kathy wrongly believed that changing the cat’s name would traumatize it.

She is waiting for Butterball’s retribution after the reuniting at the Rainbow Bridge…

I’ve had 2 cats, at different times, wholely unrelated, who would climb my leg for cantalope. I couldn’t put anyof ot down the garbage disposal, because they both would try to fish out any scrap left behind.
I also had a pillow with legs that was bulimic. I had to put a latch on the cabinet door or he’d eat 4 pounds of kibble while I was at work. Sometimes, more than once!

My fattest cat was originally named “MiniMe”. A co-workers suggestion because her eye color matched mine and a reddish blonde patch of fur matched my hair color. She had a broken leg as a kitten which healed a little crooked and it may have cut down on her exercise, although she gets around pretty well despite the old leg injury. She doesn’t seem to be obsessed with food though, sometimes she doesn’t show up at the food dishes until everyone else is done eating. Her big obsession is for the cold water from the fridge. So I am not sure why she is so large in comparison to the others. She blossomed into a rather round fluffy cat and her name has morphed to “Mimi”, like the character on the Drew Carey show. I do also occasionally refer to her as “Fatty Boombalatty” but I don’t think she appreciates that.

One of my cats ate olive pits. Wouldn’t touch the olives but would steal the pits from the rubbish.

We’ve got Bob AKA Blob the Lord of Lard and Blobba Fatt. He’s just gone on a diet and man, is he pissed off or what? Don’t know what he weighs but it’s serious poundage.

Bishop likes the wierdest things. You can never tell what will bring him running. He likes Dorrittos and he makes love to but doesn’t eat carrots. I blame it on his being a stray. He’s thin and healthy, though.

Yep. This guy has, and the french toast it was covering at the time. He’s also eaten salsa, chinese take-out, grated cheese (with unfortunate consequences), bagels, bread, crackers, waffles, green-onion tops (not many thank goodness), popcorn, olives, rubber bands, and styrofoam packing material. I put him on diet cat food a couple of years ago but he didn’t start to lose weight until I adopted a new kitten who proceeded to run the furry glutton all around the house.

Not that I’m suggesting anything. :slight_smile:

She looks like she commands legions of Cat Warriors.

And like she’d tear your face off.

I’m sure she’s very sweet. :slight_smile:

You do realise you only get one name change?

At least your cat eats food. Mine eats things like hair.

Meet Halley the Wide.

She’s not even our biggest kitty!

My cat cocoa loves corn as well. She likes corn on the cob although it does confuse her, her favorite though is creamed corn. She goes after it and growls if you get close as though she had meat. It is the only human non meat food she likes.

My mothers cat won’t eat anything but dry cat food with the exception of strawberry yogurt. I dont know why strawberry is the ticket.

A cat I had while I was growing up was absolutely nuts for green olives stuffed with pimentos. She’d even try to lick the juice off your fingers after taking the olive, and would be so voracious about going after the olives that you’d get nipped on occasion. It was crazy, almost like the stuff was a drug to her.

Yeah, the other day I was eating a kalamata olive, holding it aloft while I expounded upon a thought to my wife - and Cookie/Mangetout came up behind me and started licking it. I said “how cute” and popped the olive into my mouth, whereupon my wife burst out laughing and said “you know she licked her arse before licking the olive”. Gross.

An aside I must share:

There is one occurance of the letter “n” in the thread title. Upon first reading said title I missed the “n”. I makes a huge difference.