I have something good to say about Walmart

And this isn’t faint praise. Honest. Mundane? Check.

Their plastic bags are really high quality. Not a specific item but the ones that they load your crap into when you buy it. Nice and thick and uniform. Grocery stores, even the upper middle class organic aisle ones like Safeway and Raley’s give you these thin ones that inevitably have a tiny hole in the bottom, or several. And the main reason why I don’t go all environmental with the paper or reusable bags is that they make excellent dog poop picker-uppers. So you’re trying to pick it up while the dog is pulling because he’s done and doesn’t care anymore, being a dachshund and thus the douchebag of the dog species, thus you get distracted. And that’s when you forget to check for holes before using the bag.

So thank you Walmart for not cheaping out on this aspect of your store. Using other stores bags is like going back to 1-ply toilet paper after experiencing 2-ply. I still avoid you because of the People of Walmart, but I’m glad you’re here for one reason.

I agree with this utterly. Except that my dog isn’t a dachshund.

They do have nice bags. They also fixed my glasses for me for free and I didn’t even buy the glasses there. Didn’t even charge me for the screw.

Although I despise Walmart, their oil changes are quite reasonably priced. They give you a little slip to carry with you in the store so you can shop while you wait. You scan the slip at any price check station and it tells you if it’s waiting, in the bay, or done. When done, you pay for it along with any goods you bought, walk to the car, and you’re on your way. Since it costs about half as much as the drive through oil change places, it’s really quite nice.

Really? Wal-Mart bags are in the middle around here, better than Price Chopper and Shop-Rite, but no where near as good as Hanniford.

The plastic bags Target uses are also a better quality (higher mil) than the plastic bags used by the typical supermarket.

I agree about the quality of Wal-Mart bags. I use them on a SASI scoop to pick up the dog waste in my yard.

I don’t think my local Walmart even has that booth…:eek:

Possibly another good use for the “bags with no holes”, though.

Wait, bags with no holes couldn’t work that booth…

True. Walmart bags are “stiffer” whereas Target are like department store bags.

My dog makes that actual face when she…never mind.

Wal Mart gives you bags? The last time I was in a Wal Mart, they made me pay for recyclable bags. And no, it’s not the law in this area.

If only! I’d be there a whole lot more often.

I love, love, love WalMart. BUT, 95% or more of my WalMart bags have holes in them.
It’s a price I’m willing to pay.

Mine all have three holes that form two loops. I don’t know how I’m supposed to carry anything with that!

It’s not just Walmart. It’s more widespread than I thought!

WalMart, in the 90s, was the first pharmacy to offer a wide range of generic drugs for three bucks. And needles for 19c each.

Back to the main point (bags), they never have twist-ties for the plastic bags in the produce department.

All three of ours are. The little one dropped a huge dump on my drum riser yesterday. I love WalMart. Not that dog shit reminds me of that…

What the fuck am I talking about? Oh, yeah. The Dachshunds. I’m fond of them.

My wife once painted the basement with WalMart bags. I dont know what to call the style but she scrunched up the bag, dipped it in the paint, then squished it on the wall creating an interesting design. Switch to a clean bag for different color paints.

I just did four faux-marble columns in a client’s foyer today with (mostly) Wal*Mart bags. I have no bag preference for doing this, however.

But for dog-poop pickup, I don’t find Wal*Mart bags to be any better than most. Actually a local chain called VG’s has truly superior, heavy plastic grocery sacks that are my preferred tool for yard clean-up.

Shop at Wal-Mart. Low prices, friendly service, and you can’t beat our poop bags!

Scoop your pooch poop at Wal-Mart!