I have the new Stephen King book!

From a Buick 8. I’m still reading it. It’s about PA State Troopers that find a VERY strange Buick 8 abandoned at a gas station. The owner, who also looked somewhat strange, wandered off and never came back.

So far it’s pretty suspenseful. The book is written as the troopers tell the story to an 18 year old boy, whose father was a trooper KIA. The story flips back and forth between “Now” and “Then.”

It’s not The Stand long, rather more like Carrie long.

That’s cool. :slight_smile: I’m actually reading The Stand right now. My poor battered old paperback version with the covers nearly ripped off, too. Let us know if it’s any good; I don’t want to risk reading another “The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon”. Ugh.

I liked “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.” But I wouldn’t have liked it if it hadn’t been very, very short.

I cannot WAIT to read the new one. I was at the library yesterday, but of course all 105 copies are checked out.

My husband bought it for me yesterday, I haven’t started it yet.

Sometimes he’s pretty darn great. :slight_smile:

I have to admit I gave up on “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon”. I got so far into it but the plot didn’t seem to be leading anywhere - just a girl walking around lost in the woods.

Same thing happened about a third into “Gerald’s Game” - didn’t seem to be much plot developent. Having read the above I may give “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” another try.

“From A Buick 8” is next on my list of books to buy!

I have it already, but now I have to save it. I’m going on a relaxation vacation in December, and if I can wait until then, I’ll get the peace and quiet to really dig in and enjoy it. I can stay up all night reading it with no consequences. Oh - and since I’ll be on vacation, of course, I’ll have to read it while enjoying lots and lots of yummy food (read: chocolate).

Only problem is, December is a long way away. And every time I go in my room, it’s staring at me from the bookshelf, daring me to resist.

I wonder if I’ll be able to hold out. :smiley:

Staying up all night reading STEPHEN KING and NO consequences! Yeah, right - enjoy the sounds of the night while you’re reading - should enhance the experience greatly!


Haven’t read the new one yet. Am currently re-reading The Stand (unabridged version) for about the zillionth time. FWIW, I kinda liked The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. It started slow, and it sort of meandered, but it was a good sort of meandering, and it did go somewhere (finally). The Stand, It and The Green Mile remain my faves.

I didn’t like TGWLTG. The ending seemed so silly…a strange bear bugaboo. Surely the horrors of a young girl lost in the woods should be enough.

I considered it a snack, not a meal. Something King banged out and got published because…well, he’s Stephen King.

Heh. Did I mention I’m going down to stay in a friend’s cabin? By myself. In the middle of the woods. Where I’ve never stayed before.

I’m soooooo gonna scare myself silly!

I will soon have the new one in my eager hands too. I’m forcing myself to finish off the pile of books beside my bed that I am sloowly getting through. Stephen King’s new one is my reward.

Ditto on the end of “The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon”–magic bear…wha?? Endings do not seem to be Stephen King’s forte.

I love “The Stand” so much that I can just pick it up and turn to a random page and start reading if I’m bored. I’ve read it that many times. :slight_smile:

Did anyone else catch the Entertainment Weekly interview where he states he is quitting? He says he is not going to write any more books for publication. He will continue to write and file them away for his own personal enjoyment. What a shame. Of course, this is about the 3rd time he’s said he was quitting so maybe he’s bluffing again. I hope.

I got that issue of EW too.

I almost dropped all my mail in a puddle when I saw it.

I think this may be the last one, (crossing fingers that it isn’t) but I think Stephen King probably needs a break from the whole book publicity deal. At least that’s what it says in the article.

ivylass, let us know if it’s a good book!

I saw the cover of that EW, and my first reaction was, “Yeah frickin right.”

He’s pulled this baloney before. Oh, it’s getting to be too much, this’ll be it, no more, I mean it this time. Then he gets the itch and does it again.

After all, it’s not like he’s 85 years old. The man could be writing for another 30 years.

Besides, he writes for the simple joy of writing. He certainly doesn’t need the money, but the pull of the unwritten page always seems to be heavier than the pull of doing nothing.