I have to call the vet in the morning for "the talk."

And she is with you, and she loves you, and you love her. And she knows it.

Good-bye, Pepper. Good dog.


Don’t worry too much about food. Fluids are what will make her most comfortable. Consider simmering some chicken in water and give the broth to her. Make your own, since store broth often has a lot of salt.

If she’s lying down, drip a little water in her mouth with an eyedropper or syringe. It will keep her mouth moist and she may drink a bit that way.

I’m so sorry. I’ve walked this road with several pets, and it’s never easy, but it sounds like Pepper’s letting you know that it’s time.

If you haven’t already talked with your vet about this, or found someone who can do this, we worked with a group called Lap of Love when we had to have our cat put to sleep this spring – Kola had always hated the car, and we didn’t want his last day with us to include a stressful trip to the vet’s office. I can’t recommend Lap of Love highly enough – they were sensitive, caring, and very professional.

Last night Pepper wanted to go out, so we walked slowly out of the building. She lost energy, so I carried her over to our bench in the park and put her across my lap. We stayed for the better part of an hour; I just scratched her behind her ears and sat in tears. At least she got out to her spot.

I think she’s really suffering, so I put in a call to the vet to see if he can work us in today instead of waiting for Sunday. I warned all the kids that they might not be able to see her if I can take her today.

I think you are making the right decision not to wait. She is suffering. If the vet can offer anything palliative for the short term (pain relief, fluids), then perhaps you can wait a few more days, but her quality of life sounds horrid. I wish you strength.

My daughter and I took Pepper over the vet this morning. Pepper is at peace now. The vet was very gentle and allowed us all the time we needed with her. We left her with her pink blankie, which she loved to lay on.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and wishes.

There’s a great big hole in your life now and it will take a while for it to fill in. I’m sure Pepper knows you did the right thing. Maybe Pepper can meet my Nathan. I’m so sorry for your pain.

Sorry for you loss.

Here’s something I found a little while ago. I’m so terribly sorry for your loss.

its only been a couple of years since I took in my dog to see why he was sick and it was suggested that he needed to go to sleep because of cancer and we did the vets were so nice and understanding and I was holding him when the shot took effect …… so I know how you feel

it takes a while to get over ……

Sorry for your loss. You did the right thing for Pepper, and you know that, but it still hurts.

This drawing is something worth having, IMHO: https://www.reddit.com/r/wholesomememes/comments/7tnaxg/death_and_the_dog/

My condolences to you and your family.

On behalf of myself, and Pepper, thank you again, to everyone for your condolences and wishes.

Pepper remembers you, and guards you.

From a post on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/WritingPrompts/comments/8iqjeg/wp_when_a_beloved_dog_passes_in_the_hereafter/

I’m late getting here. I’m very sorry for your loss, I’m sending hugs.

It’s never easy, but you did the right thing.

We’ve had to shove all too many friends over the Rainbow Bridge, and I also advocate at-home euthanasia. It’s pricier than at the vet’s office but it makes us feel better; as Baron Greenback’s poem says, I don’t want their final thoughts lying on a stainless steel table in the Sharp Place.

Mrs. and I have had to put down two Goldens over the years. The last due to seizures as another poster has indicated. The hardest part of that was when he wasn’t seizing he’d seem like any healthy dog. It took us two years before we could get another dog. Callie is a lab mix who has been with us for almost a year now and is a real sweetheart.