I have to euthanize my cat

A little while ago I found a lump on her neck, then a few days later another one had appeared on her forehead. Took her in, turned out to be cancer.

Tried some medicine to keep her comfortable but she expressed her dislike strenuously. She hasn’t eaten in days, only drinking a little water and she’s definitely gotten lethargic. She was only 6lbs at full size (she’s just a tiny little thing), has lost weight and I don’t want her to suffer any longer.

So today after work I’ll take her in to be put to sleep. And then I have to rush over to school to pick up my stepson right away, I’m sure he’ll notice that I’m upset. His mom has talked to him about it last week and I had a discussion with him this weekend - he knows the cat is sick, she’s had a good life and we don’t want her to be in pain. This is my responsibility as a pet owner, it sucks but it’s the last dose of comfort I can give her.


Sorry you have to do this. But it is the right thing to do. Keep in mind, if you have never had this done before, it goes fast. Its not like they kinda drift off. It like a switch and they are “off” before the injection is even finished.

Again, so sorry.

Thanks and yes, I’ve had to put a pet down before (my parents’ dog, years ago). Not my animal but it had to be my decision (they were out of the country), so I took her in and stayed with her while they put her to sleep, it was a peaceful thing, I’m not worried about that part.

But you’ll not regret this difficult task, and take comfort in easing her end. My condolences to you and yours.

I’m really sorry. I had to euthanize my cat a few months ago, and helping my children understand was almost as hard as holding her at that last moment was.

You’re doing right by her, Val. I’m sorry for your loss.

Apropos of nothing - I’ve always liked the name Valgard.

What will be done is the last, best, and most loving thing you could do for your cat. You are sparing it the pain that would bring a lingering dying. You are not shirking your responsibility, you are doing a duty.

When you want to vent come here. I’ve leaned on people before for just this thing. I am so sorry.

My heart goes out to you. I have seen several threads started by people in similar circumstances. But I have never seen one before that smacks of so much poise & dignity.

In no way does this mean you are not feeling terrible pain at the impending loss of a loved one. Many people react to these kinds of threads with the most stupid statement I think I’ve ever seen. Namely: “But, it’s only a cat or a dog or something else.”

Why is that statement so stupid? Well, if someone doesn’t know, my feeling is that any explanation won’t likely help. And if they do understand, no explanation is needed.

Overall, I get the feeling your cat is very lucky to have a friend who is as compassionate and caring as you are.

I hope you will come away from this with as little trauma as possible.

God Bless you and your cat.

My sincere condolences. We had to euthanize our cat last Thursday night after a trip to the emergency vet, so I think it’s fair to say I understand how you feel.

She was 19, our only pet (and dependent) since my wife and I were married. We knew it was coming eventually, and I know rationally that it was medically and ethically the right thing to do, but goddamn, it was hard.

Tell the school you may be late for your stepson and stay with her to the end. They’ll understand. On Postsecret there was a note from a vet that said that the pets always look at you leaving the room.

Very sorry, it’s hard, been through it a few times.
Best wishes.


Many hugs to you. I’ll give my 16-year-old cat, who’s sitting on the computer desk right now, an extra kiss.

My wife is leaving work early to pick him up from his afterschool program; she doesn’t want this to happen without him knowing about it beforehand and having the opportunity to say goodbye and we’ll also give him the option of coming in with us (like I said, I’ve had to do this before so I know it’s not visually upsetting, she’ll just go to sleep and it’s done). Not sure if he’ll want to do that but I agree that it’s good for him to have the choice (he’s 11).

Your kitty was lucky to have your for parents. So sorry.

Your son, too. My condolences. :frowning:

I’m so very sorry. My heart goes out to you and the whole family.

I know the pain you are going through.

I have had euthanize two cats in the past couple of years. Brother and sister, they were old an sick and they died a few months apart.

What I could not bring myself to do was put them in the car and drive them to the vet. Neither liked the car and it stressed them out. Also, I couldn’t stand there with them while the vet administered whatever had to be administered. Nor could I just leave them there and walk away.

So I did it myself. In each case, I put the cat in a pet carrier, made it comfortable and took it out to the garage. I put the cage in my car and ran the vacuum hose from the exhaust into the car. I turned the engine on and walked away.

It was an extremely unpleasant experience for me, but the cats both died peacefully. God, I hated myself for awhile, but there was no way I could have someone else do it.

I just went through this a couple of months ago and know how hard it is to take the step, even when you know it’s the right thing to do at this point. My sympathies.

My recollection wasn’t quite correct but I found the picture.

And ((Valguard)) because I forgot to say it last time.

My condolences, it’s a tough decision but you know you did the right thing for her. Sometimes the chance to say goodbye and the simple fact of knowing that she’s not suffering is the best kind of comfort you can take from it.