I have to hit the back button over and over again to get to the main forum listing.

Something is happening which has been bothering me a great deal. I’ve only noticed this in the last two weeks or so.

If I’m in Cafe Society or another subforum, and I hit the back button to go back to the main board, it won’t go on the first click. Sometimes it will go on the second click, sometimes I have to click three or more times to do it, and sometimes it won’t go back no matter HOW many times I click.

Why is this?

Your mouse is tired? Does it happen only on this board or other sites? Other browsers? Other programs?

This is the only site where it happens.

Have you tried another browser on this site?

This happens to me too, especially lately. Going back from a thread to a forum, or from a forum to the main board, I often have to click the Back button two or three times.

I seem to remember someone writing in another thread on this topic that there is something getting in the way, but I don’t remember exactly what, and I’m not tech savvy enough to have really understood it anyway.

I think it had to do with one of the ads.

Yes, hitting back on a page that has an ad frame which continually changes can cause that frame to reload the previous ad, requiring one to back up through all previous ads before getting the previous page.

I have this problem with IE, not with Firefox.

If you look at the back browser history, you will see the ad frames in the history list. Hitting back once goes to the prior ad. Hitting back twice goes to the ad before that. There are typically 3 ads in the history. I now manually pull up the list and slide back to the actual page I want, rather than just hit the back arrow. It’s mildly annoying.

And no, I don’t have the option of Firefox at work, so stuff it.

Why would you use the “back” button anyway? I have always used the links at the top of the page.

Because I don’t have to scroll up to the top of the page to navigate around. The back button is faster and easier for me.

Well, you don’t get an updated page do you?

Anyway, when I open a thread, I always open it in a new window or a new tab and I just close the tab when I’m done reading.

I’ve had this problem before, but only when running Chrome. Finally just had to give up on clicking the back button and had to hold on the back button to bring up the list of recent sites and pick the one for the page I wanted manually.

I don’t want an updated page. I hit refresh after I’m sure I’ve seen everything I want to see on the first page.

But, then again, I open every thread in a new tab, so the back button would never be a problem, even if I saw ads. My problem is accidentally opening too many tabs, which choked my computer until the memory upgrade.

Because that’s the way I browse.

I pull up the main board page, link ATMB, it opens a list of threads. Then copy and past the first thread link to the next tab, and read thread. When done with that thread, I go to the ATMB tab, copy next link, paste in reading tab. Repeat for all threads I want to read in ATMB. Now I hit the back button on the ATMB page, it loads me to the main page, and I select Comments forum. Repeat process.

I like having windows on the screen, application tabs at the footer of the screen, and tabs within the windows in consistent places. I like knowing that the first tab is the SD main page, the second tab is the Board forum page, after that come the thread pages. It makes it easier for me to find things, it just is the way I like things.

I absolutely hate the feature of Windows where the toolbar at the bottom “group similar toolbar items”. No, I can’t find anything when the computer moves the widows around willy nilly. Say I open a document, then open another document, then open a third document, and suddenly Windows groups them in one item - now they’re stacked in that item and I have to hunt for them. It irritates me to no end.

Thankfully I can deselect that “feature”, which I do. Of course, at work when I log on to new computers (as I frequently do when working on site, out of my office), I have to reset that feature (and the background screen - I abhor the default green field picture).

I like the back button. It takes me back to the page I was on, in the location I was at. Don’t have to scroll back through the page.

I like my forum list being consistent from when I first pulled it up, and I read down all the threads (that interest me) in order until I run out of new updates. I don’t want the page getting reshuffled every time I come back to the forum list. I want to control when the forum list is reshuffled. It helps me keep my place, say if I am interrupted and have to take care of something, when I come back to my desktop, I know where I am.

Why do you do that? When I open a new thread I usually do it on the computer down the hall. Then, if I need to open a second thread I will go next door and borrow my neighbors computer.

I do this so I don’t ever have to hit the back button.
Seriously, WTF? Why should we not use the back button? Does it dump CO2 into the atmosphere at an alarming rate? Does it kill animals and small children every time it is pressed?

This is a serious question:
Why do you think people should not use the back button and instead should browse the way you do? (I’m just absolutely stunned by this, it makes zero sense to tell people how you browse and that they should do that instead of the back button).

Because doing it that way doesn’t cause the problem being complained about in this thread. There’s no way this is going to be fixed, as it’s caused by the ads. If you’d rather just have problems with the Back button, I guess that’s your prerogative, but that’s no reason to jump someone for giving advice on how to handle the problem with less frustration.

Also, opening in a new tab is nowhere near as hard as you seem to want to make it. You middle click on the link instead of left clicking. When you are done, you middle click on the tab instead of clicking the back button. It takes exactly the same amount of time.

ETA: And, since the original tab doesn’t update, it works for Irishman’s problem, too.

My post wasn’t because a solution was offered, it was because of this question and the mindset that is implied:
“Why would you use the “back” button anyway? I have always used the links at the top of the page.”
As if using the “back” button doesn’t make sense because ascenray does it differently.

Or do you think ascenray is correct, everyone should browse his/her way? Should there be a sticky titled “This is how you should browse the web because ascenray does it this way”?