I have to quit Dope cold turkey!

Due to my summer job being in a remote location without a telephone connection to the outside world, my postings on the Dope will be restricted to an occasional weekend until the end of August.

Please adjust your schedules accordingly.

Just thought I’d share.



This thing on?

Well, I hope that the summer job is worth it, at least!

Where are you moving to? The moon?

Quitting the rest of the net cold turkey, too?

Got a leather strap you can bite down on when the shakes start?

Jeez…well, good luck, in any case! :frowning:

The first couple of days will be the hardest. After that the reflex to google info or look up the weather will slowly fade and you will begin doing stone carvings on the cave wall for evening entertainment.

Take loads of books and enjoy your unplugged brain.

So, McMurdo Station accepted your application, eh?

Seriously, I hope this job pays well. It must be way the fuck out in the boonies if you don’t even have a telephone!

We’ll be here when you get back, Gabe.

Ha! We don’t even have electricity. Appliances run off a 120Kw diesel generator.

I’ll just try and stay out of the bottle.

Is there a version of I.E. or Mozilla for smoke signals?
Either way, you’ll be missed. Hurry back!

Yes, but using IE causes acid rain, which destroys the area, and to have to restart the town.

I tried doing smoke signals, but the only thing I can say is “The Pope is dead”.

Hey, Hal, since CG is leaving for a while, does that mean we have to have an *anti-*initiation? Hmmm … if we take the goat ceremony and run it in reverse …

We’ll miss you, Gabe.

Honestly, it might be *good * for you. Get you back in touch with your inner self, or some such thing.

Or not.

Well, we could finally put the trebuchet to its proper use…

Good luck! I can’t imagine not having access to the Dope at work. What would one actually DO all day??

or just print out a couple of hundred threads before you go…

Not work!
Hey…I notice your location line. I remember the thread I think you got it from, where someone thought it was “Tech Valley”, Cali, right?

I suggest keeping the Dope and quitting the cold turkey.

I’m going to be around a lot less for the next six weeks, starting next week. I’m taking a class (and going on vacation for a week). Lots of studying - I just won’t have time.

I’ve been meaning to start a thread about it; it’s a very big deal for me. Maybe I’ll do it now.

Thanks. It will be nice to visit my animal friends after a winter spent down here in the flatlands.

I agree with Anaamika: not work, thats for damn sure.