I have to quit Dope cold turkey!

Oh he’ll be “getting in touch” with his “inner self” alright.


Yeah, but in reverse? Catching something would be a bitch.

Without Internet porn? You mean with like actual fantasies and mental images? How 20th century. :smiley:

Sounds like a perfect job to me. I wish I had one just like it.

If only there were some sort of compilation of words, in a portable format, from which one could read to entertain oneself, rather then work.

There is, sort of. [Obligatory plug] Remember, there are now several compilations of Cecil’s columns, available here for what I’m sure is an entirely reasonable fee or in various book stores. [/Obligatory plug] Don’t laugh – it was excerpts from various threads back in the old AOL days which led to me joining this board. I seem to remember quotes from a much younger Tomndebb and several from OpalCat!

As for the reverse initiation, I forget – do we use a goat or chicken for that one? Either way, let me know and I’ll contact the usual suppliers. :wink:

On a more serious note, good luck with the job, Cynical Gabe. May lack of internet access be the worst thing about the job and may the rest of the job make up for it!


You serve them fine cakes and wine, as well as roast goat, and calamari, taken orally, this time. :smiley:

:eek: These two quotes juxtaposed really don’t sound good.

Still, have fun! (Sounds like you will!)



I’m sure I can keep my sexual exploits within my own species, but the county this camp is in is like Appalachia transplanted to California. Driving down some of our backroads checking out the property, I can almost hear a banjo playing in the background.

Have a great summer, Gabe! I remember way back in my summer camp days how great it was to get away from TV & other modern techno-garbage for a few months… but I’m not at all sure I could survive a summer without the internet these days. It would appear that the Starbucks in Sonora is a wireless hot spot if you really need a fix …

So this close enough?