I have to wear a cervical collar .... for six months.

Any tips, tricks, advice and experiences welcome.

A CT scan revealed C4 over C5 and my doc says we’re going for traction with this neck collar, it’s 4 1/2 inches at the front. I have to wear it 16 hours a day. I started on 1st June so I’m now nine days in. It’s pretty hot right now so sweating is causing some discomfort along with not being able to see directly in front of me - I’m afraid of tripping and falling over!

I’ve got long hair and it’s getting in the way, I’m considered getting a short cut, but I think people might then think I’ve got cancer and then feel ever sorrier for me than they do now. I don’t like being felt sorry for.

I look like an egg in an egg cup. I stick out and look like a sore thumb.

I think you mean an injury at C4-5. C4 is supposed to be over C5; that’s where it goes.

As far as what people are looking at, I really wouldn’t worry about it. It’s not like a cervical collar is disfiguring or indicates you did something embarrassing. I see them all the time and I doubt anyone other than a small child would give you a second look.

Are you male or female? If the latter, I would think a “bob” might be short enough without making you look like a cancer patient.

Braid your hair on the crown of your head [think alpine milkmaid … ] that is what I do to get my hair out of the way, though I chopped off about 18 inches in January so it is no longer down to my butt, it is just below my shoulders. And you can get washable cotton sleeving for your neck to absorb the sweat and keep from chafing or getting a fungal rash. Many medical supply places carry them, or you can make your own.

I do not like the Cone of Shame…

Read as: “I have to wear a clerical collar … for six months.” Man creative sentencing has gotten weird!

My dog didn’t like it either.

But you have to stop licking your stitches.


Get well soon.

In fact a small child questioned me thoroughly in the supermarket just now, and she came back while I was checking out with more questions. People are associating the collar with whiplash, they think I’ve been in a car crash.

I’m a girl, you’re right, I don’t need to go completely bald!

I’ve always wondered… How do you actually get the collar onto the cervix? :confused:

Johnny L.A. it aint easy.

I have chopped up a couple of cotton tee shirts for thin scarves to put under it. I’m finding I have to take it off and let my skin dry off every now and again.