I haven't been following the Peterson trial.

So if anyone else has, can you tell me how it looks for him? I know Amber Frey has been testifying, but I haven’t read about it, so I don’t know how her testimony reflects on him.

Amber is giving the defense fits right now. That could change today or tomorrow. Have to wait for the jury to decide.

I’ve been following some of it- the evidence with Amber Frey is the 43 tape recordings she made at the police departments request. I’ve read some of the transcripts and he’s been adamant about not being responsible for Laci’s disappearance. But he keep repeating to Amber that he can’t tell her everything and she doesnt understand because she doesn’t know the whole story to which she replys “ok, so tell me” and Scott Peterson says that he wishes he could.

Amber calls him out on all of the lies he told her about being single, having lost his wife (before Laci was missing)and being in Europe when he was at candlelight vigils for Laci. The tapes are the worst of the trial so far but the impression that I have gotten from most news reports on tv and CNN news is that the prosecution really doesnt have any more evidence damning than the tapes that may indicate motive.

I’ve seen bits of it, too. Why was he telling her he was in Brussels? (Or Belgium?) Was he trying to convince her he wasn’t that Scott Peterson?
Did he have any idea at all that Amber had gone to the police and he was being taped?
Had they seen each other after Laci went missing, or was it all just phone calls at that point? These calls are from January and Februray, right?

He must be truly nuts if he thought he could pull off a relationship with Amber, while maintaining the picture of a distraught husband at the same time.

Scott Peterson was a real Dr.Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde character. He lied to everybody, including his mother-in-law (she called him on it). The thing I don’t understand…why didn’t he buy a nice fat life insurance policy on Laci? That would have made it worthwhile. According to what i read:
-Scott was $40,000 in debt (most of it on credit cards at high interest)
-his career 9as a fertilizer saleman) wasn’t going tooo well
-his bizarre behaviour after laci went missing was even making his relatives uneasy about him.
He was also pretty dumb…it should have been obvious to him that the police were tapping his phone…yet he continued spilling his guts to Amber every time they talked.
So, will mark Geragos be able to pull a rabbit out of his hat? If I were Geragos, I would’nt feel too good about a “not guilty” verdict for Scott-it is pretty obvious that he got rid of Laci.

I thought I had read or seen somewhere that there was a life insurance policy placed on both parties about 2-3 months before the disappearance. The salesguy testified already, I believe, and he said the policy was Laci’s idea.

Thanks, guys!