I haven't slept in 4 days

I don’t feel tired at all, but it is starting to worry me. my brain sort of shuts off for a few minutes at a time every couple hours or so, i’m totaly aware of what’s going on, but i can’t move or speak (although i never feel a great need to do so). it’s not scary either, I just kind of space out.
i’ve also been wondering, what is the record for staying awake? am i anywhere close?
the days definately blur together. i forget how long i’ve been sitting in this chair. nightime is VERY short, while day seems to last forever. my mind wanders alot, it’s hard to concintrate.

I don’t know what the record is, but stay awake a few hours longer and you’ll beat mine.
I hope you’re not trying to work, because you’ll be making outrageous mistakes and not noticing! I know. I had a thesis with several photos stuck upside down in it, due to a four day continuous darkroom stint. Fortunately I got some sleep, checked my work and corrected it before handing it in.

yes, i do have to work. looking at the closk, it’ll be day five soon, and i’ll have to go to work. i was just working it out, and i woke up at 5:30 on friday, so i’m coming up on the fifth day. I would think i would be more tired than this, i’m just bored out of my skull.


Yeah, it’s not healthy to stay awake for too long. I don’t know the record, but it was a while.

The current theory is that sleep is as necessary as food and water.

One researcher kills rats by keeping them awake. They last, on average, 17 days, as long as it takes them to starve to death (you CAN learn by killing things).

You really should try and get some sleep. Your immune system suffers when you stay awake, your coordination, decision making ability, your senses, they all get worse. Sleeping is the healthy choice.

Stay smart, stay in bed.

go to sleep

Yes, please do.

I have insomnia problems. I was once awake for about 102 hours. It was like hell on earth. At the time, I had no idea how long it was. Hell, I had no idea what YEAR it was, let alone what day by that time.

I knew that this was a very bad thing, but I could not sleep for anything - and I really tried hard, believe me.

So, do you wanna know how my sleeplessness finally ended? My body decided that enough was enough and I had a grand mal seizure. No warning or anything. This was NOT a pleasant experience. When I finally was fully coherent a couple days later, every muscle in my body was screaming in agony. The cuts and bruises were the least of my worries.

Don’t be that guy.

I suggest going to the hospital. Make sure you don’t drive yourself. They’ll probably give you a nice big shot of something …


i meant what i said. i hope you have gone to sleep. in Basic Training at Ft.Benning, we did a field training excercise that lasted 2 weeks. 4 of those days we could not sleep. Let me tell you what hell it is not to sleep for 4 days and 3 nights at all, and train in 90 something degree heat with Georgia’s wonderful humidity. It really sucks pal. Losing concentration, forgetting things every second, it was worse than a mouse in a maze with no cheese. It was like being a zombie i suppose. Just lay back and close your eyes, let your body take over. A friend of mine had a problem sleeping for a couple days, went to the hospital and participated in sleep study programs. He had apnia. They helped him, now he can sleep again. Go to sleep

After about two days of no sleep, I begin to lose my “drowsiness” feeling. You just stop feeling tired. That DOES NOT mean that you won’t just fall asleep. About halfway through my fourth day, not feeling tired at all, I sat down on my dormroom bed, leaned back, closed my eyes, and slept for 15 straight hours without moving. I had no idea I was that tired because I didn’t feel like it. And I fell into a deep sleep in seconds. I could have just as easily been behind the wheel of a car and passed out as quickly. My suggestion is to find some time to get some sleep. It will happen FAST even though you no longer feel drowsy.

& just how did you manage to stay awake for 4 days? You’d need something to keep you awake. May we ask just what it is?

" Victims of the very rare
condition chronic colestites (total insomnia) have been known to go without definable sleep for many years."

Memorial Day weekend I didn’t sleep for almost 4 days. I was driving home and I started dreaming while I was awake. It was like a halucination, and I had trouble stopping them. When I got home I felt very unhealthy. Don’t know how much longer I could have stayed awake, but I definelty wasn’t very tires - just a bit sore and my mind was starting to flake out.

well, the first night was intentional, i just didn’t feel like going to sleep. so i drank lots of mountin dew, and played on my computer all night. I haven’t had anything with caffine in it in over two days, but i don’t feel tired in the least.

nope, i went to work. not easy to do, i was very irritable, luckily i don’t operate any heavy machinery.

beleive me, i’m trying. I took some sleep aids when i got home, hopefully they will come into effect soon.


eggo… you should listen to sulla.

Go to bed, man… I’m telling you. You do not want to stay up! It may cause impotence or even the loss of the ability to be sexually aroused. Unless, of course, you are not a guy. Then you can ignore whatever I said. If you are a female, then, after the 6th day of sleep deprevation, once you DO awake from sleeping, you will become so sexually aroused that you will be forced to become a free slut. You will throw yourself at people and your desire to love will be destroyed. You will only have a desire to screw.

I’m telling you, GET SLEEP or be in hell.

From the World Book™ Multimedia Encyclopedia (© 1998 World Book, Inc. and its licensor):

Coping with Feeling Wretched From Sleep Deprivation

From Sleep Deprivation - The Disorder of the 90’s 498:

‘drank lots of mountin dew’

Yep, thats what I thought.

Back in the 50’s I believe, a very popular and outgoing radio DJ broke the known record, while on the air. I’m not sure, but I want to say it was 8 or 11 days. Anyway, he did all this on the air, against the advice of a doctor, who stayed with him and monitored him the whole way (1 of 2 docs present)After all was said and done, there were immediate, chronic repercussions of this. Once very well liked and outgoing, he became very angry and difficult. As time went on, he lost that DJ job as a result, as well as his family, to divorce. The effects on the brain weren’t known then, but they know much more today, that sleep deprivation does have an adverse effect on the brain. Did a quick search a turned up nil. Anyone remember or know this DJ’s name? Anyway, go to bed before you bramage yore dain.


guiness said 11 days im pretty sure

I once heard a story from my local community health nurse that they had tested the effects of sleep deprivation in Englandi think. A few of the facts have slipped my mind, but the general idea is still remaining.

A group of seven or ten people were offered a sum of money to stay awake for… maybe a week or so i think ten days. They werent allowed to go to sleep, and a person was in the room to somehow not allow people to sleep, either by pinching them or whatever… after this period of no sleep all of the subjects had extremer paranoia, a constant belief that someone was out to get them, to kill them. The group was scheduled to apear on a TV show to talk about their experience, the people were too afraid to ride in a van together that they couldnt come to the show…

The point is, go to sleep, it will mess you up

It has been approximately three and one-half hours since eggo’s last post. I hope he is sleeping.

Maybe he has become too paranoid of being banned.

Folks, telling someone with insomnia just to go to sleep is about as dense as telling someone with clinical depression to think happy thoughts. Eggo, if you really still can’t sleep, please follow the one previous poster’s advice and call your best friend and have him/her take you to the hospital, where they will get you to sleep. If can sleep now but the insomnia becomes chronic, please go to a doctor.

I didn’t relize he couldn’t sleep.
I thought he was just trying to break a record or somthing. Next time I’ll pay attention. Perhaps I need some sleep myself. I’ve been up for a whole lot more than 2300 seconds. That’s a lot of seconds.