I haz a mad about CalPERS

Definition: CalPERS is the Public Employees Retirement System for the State of California retirees.

I worked for the State of Confusion Department of Transportation for twenty years. I carry dental insurance with Mr VOW as a dependent. He is also a State of Confusion retiree. He could carry dental insurance himself, but it’s cheaper to have him as a dependent.

I get a letter from CalPERS saying I have to VERIFY him, or his coverage will be canceled 1/01/21.

I am so PISSED, I could shoot the top of my head off at the ceiling.

We contacted CalPERS, and I said throughout my twnty years’ employment, and at my retirement, and throughout my retirement, I have NEVER had to “verify” my husband.

We’ve been married 46 years now (Mr VOW told the lady we probably got married before she was born).

Well, because of new rules to weed out sneaky folks trying to add noneligibles to their insurance plans, I now have to “verify” Mr VOW every three years.

My old tax dollars at work!


I can kinda understand them wanting you to verify him once, but why would you have to do it every three years?

About 15 years ago, Yavapai County wanted all married employees to provide documentation proving the legality of the union for medical insurance coverage and death benefits. So many, many problems were caused because folks like us who had been married for a quarter of a century or longer honestly have NO idea where our marriage license is. A lot of tax dollars were wasted on this because of course we were all tracking our paperwork down on the government dime.

This reminds me of a cartoon I saw in a certain ‘Gentleman’s’ magazine. Oh, never mind…