I Heart Huckenbaums?

This movie has 749 votes on IMDB, so I’m assuming it has had some sort of limited release, and I’d bet that some of you have seen it.

Is it a rip-off of The Royal Tennenbaums, either stylewise or storywise? Because that’s all I’m getting out of the trailer.

Also, is the name of the movie getting on anyone else’s nerves? “I Heart Huckabees”? Wtf?

It looks to be only the latest in a new trend of “faux-indie” movies, possibly kicked off by Wes Anderson’s successes (“rushmore” and “tenenbaums”) to begin with. “Garden State”, “Eternal Sunshine…”, and more…all mainstream movies with big actors and wide releases that are “fake indie” in style and aesthetic.

Well, I won’t wade into the religious fanaticism of the indie or not-indie debate, but I Heart Huckabees does have something of the feel of a Wes Anderson movie. That said, it doesn’t really parallel The Royal Tenenbaums at all in terms of plot or theme or even characters. Probably what both films have in common is a refreshing lack of anti-intellectualism coupled with humor that hits most of its marks.