I hope the thief is enjoying our Birds of Paradise...

When my husband and I moved to Toronto from California last year, we knew the climate here isn’t exactly tropical, but we do still love Palms and Giant Birds of Paradise. We were surprised to have found some Birds at a store last year when we got here, and planted them in two large containers which we placed on our front porch until fall.

In the fall, we dutifully dragged our plants inside, put them under fluorescent grow-lamps and kept them healthy and growing all winter. In the spring, we dragged them back out onto the front porch, where they have looked fabulous all summer.

They had grown to about 7 feet each over the last year, and we were trying to decide where we would put them again this winter - luckily the house has 12 foot ceilings…

We don’t miss the Bay Area too much, and are getting settled in here downtown in the middle of the city. Coming home to the Birds of Paradise on the porch was sort of a reminder of home.

When we were explaining how to find our house (it’s in a row of 1890’s homes), we always told people to look for the Birds - worked every time…

This morning I woke up and was told by hubby that when he went to walk the dog early in the morning, he noticed the porch seemed a lot larger than normal… Someone had stolen our two plants - including the planters.

I’m not quite sure how they managed to do it - it took both of us to lift them. Our next door neighbor/neighbour told us at around 2 am he thought he heard a sound like a patio door closing, (or planters being dragged across a concrete porch), but he didn’t think much about it and didn’t look outside.

At least they didn’t steal our antique gargoyle who was keeping watch a couple of feet away… and who is now living on our deck…

Anybody know where to buy some regular Birds of Paradise in Canada? I think we’ll go less grandiose next year…

Canada just got a bit colder in the middle of August :frowning:

Could you do a drive around town to see if you can spot your plants? Did you file a theft report? Sorry about your loss. :frowning:

Not really sure if reporting them stolen is worthwhile… We’re not going to get insurance on them… and I wish it was as easy as driving around town - I think the Metro Toronto area has something like 6 million people… and one of em has our plants!

We live near a beautiful old Civic greenhouse filled with Palms and tropicals… Maybe they can at least point us in the direction of replacement plants… It’s tougher to get them here - they were a dime a dozen at every Home Depot in the Bay area… For some reason they aren’t available here… :smiley:

Send in a letter to your city’s biggest newspaper shaming the theives? They might cover your loss as a human interest story as well. That way, you can at least feel a little bit vindicated. Offer them pictures of your beautiful, stolen and missed plants for their article also. (I bet you have a lot of them, and I wouldn’t mind seeing them either. hint :wink: ) Maybe someone in town will notice their neighbor’s new plants and put two and two together.

Very tempting… “Gay marriage refugees start new life in Toronto - Precious tropical plants stolen”… That might work :smiley:

We actually do have some pics of them somewhere - They were happily sitting on the porch when we took pics of some new (but historically accurate!) windows we put in last year… But they were just mini plants then - about 4 feet tall each… If I find them, I’ll email you a copy.

WHY didn’t we keep accurate photos? If only we’d been more careful! It’s our fault. We should have locked up our 100 pound/7 foot plants… :smack:

Or not…

That totally stinks. Plant thieves! A pox on them, and may your own lives continue to grow and flourish despite some rotten folks. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

Thanks… We’ll live… I guess it’s all part of living downtown… The other week I went to let the dog out at midnight - and when I opened the back door, there was someone climbing over the neighbour’s fence! As soon as the guy saw me, he started saying something about “Good evening, sir”… and then took off running…

Living downtown can be fun here… and Americans say Canada is boring… HAH!

Surely Birds of Paradise… are birds?

Sort of rude to say, but I hate those plants and think they are the ugliest plant growing in Southern California. Look like whooping cranes on acid.

I can remember when I first moved to California, walking down the street and the damned things were springing up everywhere and I turned the corner and there was a flower shop, selling them for something like $2.00 each! I could have picked 30 of them growing wild on the street along the way.

But I know they cost a fortune if you bought them in Berlin, and I know some people really like them - so sorry to hear of your loss - and that was rude to steal them from your house - but personally, if I never see another one, fine with me.

The flower shop was selling Giant Birds? As much as I like the plants, the flowers are UGLY - they’re black and strange… Now regular Birds are great - orange and blue…

Yeah, they are sort of everywhere in SoCal… There weren’t as many of them in the Bay Area, so I never got sick of em… and now I sort of miss em…

It’s a bird, and also a plant. :wink:

Wow that sucks. I wish aphids, powdery mildew, and all sorts of galls on the thieves.

I’m sure he is. One green 1/1 creatures that you can tap for any color mana you want. So great in multi-color decks.


Two 7 foot tall ones, are rather unique in Canada I would say. This sounds like a good canidate for the local news to report on. A secratary may go I saw two large plants like that we just bought for the office, or the neighbors have them by the pool.

That really sucks. We once had someone steal a huge ceramic urn from the front of my workplace that we used for cigarette ashes. They dumped out the sand but that thing still had to weigh a lot. They either really wanted a ceramic urn or really hated us in order to risk a hernia lifting that thing up into a car or truck.

I have a b-o-p in my front yard. It hasn’t bloomed in a while. I’m not the best gardener. I’d love it if mine were 7 feet tall.

I think you aimed wrong - I’ve got all those on my tomato plants! :smiley:

^I’ve got some shitty aim.