I hope they fry you, buddy.

There is an article in today’s local newspaper that reports about a man named Calvin Calton. He was arrested for domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend. They apparently got into a fight, she hit him with a frying pan (I really hope it was full of boiling grease), and he beat her until she lost consciousness, her face was cut, and HER EYE WAS KNOCKED OUT OF ITS SOCKET.

Well, he was charged with criminal domestic violence of a ‘high and aggravated nature’. During his arraignment, someone reported to the judge that she was in bad shape at the hospital. Calton denied hitting her; he said he only pushed her. Two hours after his hearing, she died, and now he will be brought up on murder charges.

Now, I realize that yes, she was in the wrong, also, because she hit him with the frying pan. (And no, the paper doesn’t say if it was hot.) But I don’t think there is EVER a cause to beat someone unconscious, and then keep doing it until their fucking eyeball comes out!

I am no big fan of the death penalty, so I don’t want to turn this into a debate about it. But I keep hearing these awful stories about ‘criminal domestic violence’. People beating the shit out of people they supposedly love, until they FUCKING DIE! How the fuck can you sit and beat a person like that? I hope they fry this bastard. In the paper, the mugshot shows Calton with a bandage on his forehead. I hope she knocked the FUCK out of you with that frying pan. And what the hell is this ‘high and aggravated nature’ bullshit? He beat her until she was unconscious, and then continued to do it. When the cops got there, he was straddling her, still hitting her. One would think that he would have continued to do it until something drastic happened. Isn’t that attempting fucking murder!??!

I know things like this, unfortunately, happen all the time. And, to be fair, if the tables were turned and she had beaten him the same way, I would suggest she get the chair, too. I just don’t understand what compels someone to beat someone they supposedly love to death. I just don’t get it.

Oh, I do know that abuse is not about love, but about power. But I still don’t get it.

Love the shrill use of italics and bold! Great rant, sKerri! If they do fry him, it’ll be poetic justice, yes?

oh, and…neener, neener, neener, sidle! :stuck_out_tongue:

This case could be exactly as you portrayed it, a scum of a man who beats women. I agree, these men waste good oxygen.

Or, he could be a man who was at the end of his rope with an abusive girlfriend who attacked him with a frying pan and he finally snapped.

It happens both ways. The first is more prevalent, but not the only way.

Either way, he should end up in jail for a long time; it’s just a matter of how long.

While I am in no way an advocate of violence in any form, I have to say that I am self-aware enough to know that the only way I could ever reach the point of physically attacking someone (outside of self defense, of course) would be if the atackee was someone I loved. The anger and frustration necessary to invoke violence just wouldn’t be there with a stranger—I don’t know them, why should I care what they think. Someone I love–on the other hand–betraying me, or screaming at me, or attacking me? That hurts, and it makes me want to lash out in any way I can. Now, I’m intelligent enough that I can lash out with my tongue, say some hateful things, and feel vindicated, but it seems that many people lack this ability and have to take it to that next level.

What this guy did is sick, but I doubt he gets the chair.


Update: At lunch, I watched the news story about this. Apparently the ex-girlfriend had filed several complaints with the police about him beating her. (I guess that’s why she was an ex.) But D_Odds made a good point, that stranger things have happened. I don’t think he’ll get the chair, either, but that’s just how pissed I was when I started writing the OP.

I, too, can understand being absolutely enraged at someone. But I guess I don’t have that trigger that would ever make me beat someone to death. I’ve been in a couple of situations where I was so mad that wished someone was dead, and I’ve hit one person that I thought I loved, but that was only because he beat the hell out of me in the first place. But I didn’t hit him with anything or just pound him until he blacked out. (A well-placed kick to the nuts was all the situation required.)

One has to wonder if this man is related to Lorena Bobbitt.

I saw this story on the news tonight. People can be sooo horrible.:frowning:

On my wedding day, someone told me something that I thought was soooo inappropriate to tell someone on their wedding day. Now, I see that she was right. She said: You will never love someone as much as you love your spouse. You also will never hate someone as much as you hate your spouse at some (very bad) point. But when you learn that love and hate are two sides of the same coin, you’ll understand the marriage relationship more fully." I was aghast that she was telling me this on the happiest day of my life. But, now I know that she was right. The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. Just my $.02.


Why do I get the feeling that if the man had hit the woman with a frying pan, and then she knocked one of his eyeballs out, some people would be cheering the woman?

The guy shouldn’t fry, but he should be put away for quite a long time.

(Of course, I reserve the right to completely and utterly change my mind about whether he should fry, as new facts arrive about the case.)

Probably because they have read too many stories just like this one. Man beats Woman he claims to love & she dies. Because it happens too often. I am not advocating that women should abuse men - I am advocating that they should stop allowing themselves to be abused. Perhaps she hit him with a frying pan in defense of herself - who knows? The story doesn’t say.


Regardless of their genders this was a violent, brutal beating & he should be prosecuted with that in mind.

I’m not advocating violence either. I don’t believe men should hit women or women should hit men, normally. But I believe in self defense. Most often a man is stronger than a woman, hits harder, faster, more violently. Men hit with their fists and body power. When women usually hit, I dunno why, but we usually slap and kick. And typically we don’t have as much muscle behind our hits. If I was getting beat up by a guy, or someone else stronger than me, I would grab something heavy and blunt, and take as many blows as I could. Even if I knew the fight was futile, I’d try to cause some pain.

With abusers it’s all about power. They don’t buy the “pick on someone your own size (or power)” argument. (Come to think of it, women abusers might abuse men because they know those particular men won’t hit back or were raised not to hit women). An abusers state of mind is “I’m capable of beating up my wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/child, so I’m gonna do it” You can’t reason or plead with a mind like that, and a lot of times you can run from a mind like that, 'cause they’re crazy enough to follow you wherever you go. Lots of dead women, children, and less often, men would attest to that if they could.