I hope they got paid a lot of money to do this!

Just saw this commercial on TV, and I hope they paid Anjelica Houston a shit-load of money to do this.

It’s the cable TV commercial with Mark Wahlberg, and AH is personifying a “hidden fee” by hiding behind a curtain with a giant $-sign sandwich board strapped to her, over an evening gown. Really??? Are you having trouble paying the rent, Angelica?

Anyone else got one?

At least I didn’t find that one as horrifying as the “every room a TV room” commercial from the same ad campaign, which portrays a creepy dystopia in which everyone spends their entire life with their eyes passively glued to a TV screen, only it presents this as a good thing.

How many actors had to die before Marky Mark could become a major star?

Jeez. Fahrenheit 451 anybody? At least there, vids didn’t follow you into the street.