I hurt my sister bad enough to bring her to the ER this morning.

It was just a damn moment’s inattention… I had picked her up to go for breakfast, we went and got back to her house. I asked for a little windex and paper towels to clean my car windows because the early morning sun showed up some kind of film/fog on the windshield that made vision really bad driving into the sun. She was cleaning the outside of the window and I was cleaning the inside, and she finished and I finished and I got out of the car. And we were both moving,

And I closed the car door on her little finger. :smack: Pretty far in, to the 2nd knuckle. There was this agonizing moment as We both stared and I started to say I’m sorry and she screamed OPEN THE DOOR and I did. It didn’t look too terrible but there was a big cut and she was nearly faint with pain, and we both immediately knew that she was going to need to have medical treatment. After about two minutes to throw out some cat food and fresh water for het cats, we got in my car and headed for the University ER.

She was very lucky. I don’t really see how, but there was no broken bone. I told her it was better that it had been my car door rather than hers. My relatively cheesy little Mazda probably fits together a lot more loosely and comensates by bigger flappier rubber gaskets than her pricey Lexus. They cleaned out the wound, closed it with 4 stitches, and splinted the finger to the next one in. The finger needs to be immobilized because the cut is right over the back of the knuckle and the stitches will pull out easily if the joint bends. She’ll need to be splinted for a couple of weeks, but at least she writes with the other hand.

:smack: :smack: :smack:

The poor girl! :eek:

< smacks Boyo upside the head > :wink:

OOOOUCH! I am glad her finger is not broken.
I once nearly broke four of my youngest niece’s fingers Still feel horible about it (what could have been) to this day.

One morning there was a rush on and people were in and out of rooms like yo-yos I was tired and getting really pissed off. My niece, bless her heart, was following people around. I was shutting the door after people. Getting close to slamming it, then I gave it a hard shove, in a split second saw that her fingers were in the hinge side gap, dived like a whippet and grabbed the closing door.
The gap is inset so the door would almost certainly have broke her fingers.

Well, my brother hit me over the head with a golf club when we were little, resulting in stitches in the back of my head.
(ok, so he had told me to move, but being the obnoxious brat that I am, I didn’t. He swung the club anyway and we were off to the ER.)
It was an accident. Yeah, you feel horrible, but things could have been a lot worse, right? Plus, think of the guilt she’ll be able to lay on you for years over this one. For any sister, once the pain wears off, that’s a bonus. :wink:

I managed to never seriously damage my sisters (it helped that they were all older), but I did almost break my nephew’s head open. We were getting ready to play baseball at a family reunion and I was hitting balls out for people to field. I sent a screaming line drive out towards right field just as my seven year old nephew decided to walk out to talk with his brother. Ball hit him smack in the back of the head hard enough to knock him over. Luckily, it hit towards the top of the head and he was no more spacey than normal after a minute or two. It was a softball that hit him, but I was using a mixed group of balls, and the next one I would have hit was a rubber-coated hardball–not a good ball to get hit in the head with! I felt guilty for weeks–which, luckily for me, my nephew did not take advantage of (I told you he was spacey to begin with), although he happily accepted the ice cream cones and matchbox cars i bought him for the next few weeks.

I’m glad your sister is okay, Boyo Jim. Buy her an ice cream cone. Trust me, it helps.

One of my cousins once slammed a car door on my mom’s fingers when we were on vacation. We were in the parking lot at a water park when it happened. Broke four of her fingers.

After he slammed the door on her fingers, he asked, “But, auntie, does this mean we’re not going to the water park?” :eek:

My dad accidentally amputated his right index finger up to the first joint by slamming it in the door of his truck. :eek:

My mom once shut one of my friends fingers in the door. My friend was screaming and everything. Right up until we discovered it was just her glove that was shut in the door. :smack:

When I was a teenager I babysat for some neighbors. One night when dropping me off at home, the father slammed my little finger in the back door of the car at the third knuckle, didn’t notice, got back in the car locked the doors and started to drive away! I was pounding on the driver’s window when my grandfather noticed something wrong and stepped in front of the car to stop them.
My finger was amazingly unbroken, but was cut and oozing joint fluid. Hurt like snot! It was never quite the same.

I once slammed my hand in a friend’s fromt door and had to drive home one-handed. Luckily my car was an automatic, but I was a 1.5 hour drive from home, at night, and it was my first time driving so far all alone. The hand swelled up and turned purple in no time, and I ended up stopping at a little roadside diner to ask for ice. They were closing and didn’t really have much to give me, or anything to hold it in that wouldn’t leak all over, but one of the waitresses ran in back to get her lunchbox out of the fridge and gave me a still-frozen cool-pak. She also gave me 2 Advil from her purse. Thanks to that sweet waitress, I made it all the way home in one piece.

The hand wasn’t broken but it was odd colors for a few weeks.

When I was a young boy, I went to close the car door at the same time as my mom, and the end result was that she slammed my thumb into the door. Of course at the same time she dropped her keys into her purse, and in the sudden panick was having a hard time finding them. I ended up with a neat little scar on either side of my thumb, but no permenant damage done.

When I was four my sister (who was two) whacked me over the head with one of my father’s stethescopes. Off to my father’s doctor’s office we went, and my father put in the only stiches I’ve ever had to get (I think he only had to put in one or two).

So there I am, all of 5 years old, going into the room for my first day of school ever. Somehow, my little hand gets caught in the giant door as it swings shut on my left hand. Deep cut and bruise across all four fingers and a broken index finger. Blood everywhere. Mom says it was one of the most horrific sights she had ever witnessed concerning her kids.

Back in school a few days later, they are teaching us writing basics. Due to the funky cast and extreme soreness, I couldn’t use my left hand, so they kept making me use my right hand, which felt so wrong. Still, it turns out I am rather ambidexterous, so it wasn’t that bad. Funny thing is, my penmenship with either hand looks like a 5 year old’s.

(I know this isn’t a finger-getting-stuck-in-a-door story, but I want to share it anyway :slight_smile: )

When I was younger a bunch of my friends and I were fooling around with a crochet set. None of us knew how to play correctly. I was standing way too close behind a girl that was taking her turn. She took a huge backswing, and hit me right in the forehead with the crochet stick! I was lucky, though. Nothing happened except a small bruise formed.

I hope you meant a croquet set, because those little crochet hooks are better for stabbing with than smacking.

My brother slammed my fingers in the car door when we were little, but fortunately back then doors weren’t as well-fitting and there was no serious injury, though at the time you wouldn’t have known that from my screaming and crying. But honestly, Boyo Jim, the cats would have survived for a few hours without food or water! They are very resilient creatures! Next time take care of your sister first! Ice cream is a good, but Godiva ice cream is sooo much better!

A few years ago my band’s lead guitarrist slammed the fingers of my fret hand in a car door just before a gig. Thankfully it was near the top of the door and the frame just bent around my fingers, causing no serious damage.

Despite being a bassist (who have notoriously indestructable fingers after sliding up and down bass strings for years) it still hurt.

He compounded his mistake when his foot slipped while I was helping to set up the drum kit, causing the hi-hat to take a chunk out of my other hand.

Y’know, a Fender bass hardcase can do a lot of damage when wielded by a suitably angy person.

Oh, she insisted. And afterwards, on the way home from the ER, we had to stop by her friend’s house, who my sister is cat-sitting for. We had to feed and water those cats too, even though fer friend was due back late this evening. And we also hit Culvers for ice cream on the way back.

Yes, yes it can. I still haven’t forgot my brother for that.

I was mini golfing at someone’s birthday party when I was 7. I smacked some kid in the lip with the golf club, and the lip split open. I have no idea who the kid was.

Lsura, the same exact thing happened to me when I was in 2nd grade! My concept of the golf swing was that the club went side-to-side, not backward, so I walked up behind my older brother to watch his swing. It came around and nailed me in the temple. Seven stitches.

To this day I haven’t let him forget it, either. He was older so it was his fault, naturally. :wink:

Boyo Jim, I’m glad your sister was all right. It will be a great story somewhere down the line: “Remember when I slammed sis’s finger in the car door…”

When my sister and I were little, we were playing matador and bull. I came charging out of the closet and knocked her over, and she split her head open on the corner of the bed. Four stitches.

I slammed my finger in a door once. No stitches, but I did lose the nail. It’s grown back with a slightly higher nail bed than the other nails.